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Cabinet is an essential highlight of kitchen decoration. Simi cabinet summarizes five details that must be seen in cabinet purchase, hoping to help you buy a good cabinet with high quality and low price

the overall effect of kitchen decoration depends mainly on the cabinets. Cabinet is an essential detail and two points of kitchen decoration. However, when purchasing cabinets, many users often ignore some details and points, which often leads to a waste of money and unsatisfactory results. Si Mi cabinet summarizes five key details that must be seen in cabinet purchase, hoping to help you buy a good cabinet with high quality and low price

look at hardware

generally speaking, cabinet hardware accessories are mainly drawers (slides) and hinges. We should know that the quality of cabinet hardware is directly related to the price and service life, and the most critical factor to determine the cost performance of a set of cabinet is the material and professionalism of drawers (slides) and strange related hardware. If it is a cabinet with reliable quality, the general drawer can be used more than 50000 times. At present, the hardware used by Simi is from Austria's Blum and Germany's heitisch, and the quality is excellent

second, look at the material

the quality of the cabinet should also pay attention to the material, which is also a major factor affecting the quality of the cabinet. Poor material will lead to the difference of cabinet quality, and of course, the price will also be different. Generally common cabinet materials mainly include: blockboard, particleboard and medium density fiberboard. The particleboard has good overall performance, but the price is a little higher. Simi uses plates provided by domestic first-class suppliers, which have good load-bearing performance, are not easy to deform, and environmental protection is fully up to standard. But the general miscellaneous cabinets use inferior plates. Therefore, it is also very important to choose and buy cabinets to see the material

three looks at workmanship

we should also pay attention to the appearance of cabinets. Generally, we should check whether the cabinet body and door edge banding of some cabinets are neat in time. If the cabinet is sealed by machine, the appearance is very flat and the feel is quite smooth. Cabinets made of this material don't have to worry about glue opening, blistering and deformation after long-term use. On the contrary, if it is manual edge banding, it is easy to cause edge banding to fall off. SMI's laser edge banding technology leads the world and leads the new era of Chinese cabinets

four look at the installation quality

if you choose a set of cabinets with good quality, but have not been installed by professionals, it may also be a big pity. Because the quality of installation can directly affect the overall appearance of the coming cabinet, and even directly related to the safety of cabinet use. Therefore, when installing, be sure to find a large professional installation company, preferably trained personnel, so as to ensure the installation quality

five look at after-sales service

meticulous and comprehensive service is also an important condition for a good cabinet. It not only includes the door-to-door measurement design before sale, but also the careful installation during sale, including after-sales service. For example, establish user files, pay a return visit in time, and solve problems in time. As the cabinet room is a comprehensive use space integrating water, electricity, gas and steam, the conditions are relatively complex. Even cabinets of the same material will have different effects due to different processing equipment and installation by different personnel. What's more, as large durable consumer goods, cabinets have long service life and frequent use. Therefore, service commitment and service quality are very critical. Don't only consider the price factor, You can't just be quick





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