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The progress of the times is also reflected incisively and vividly in the decoration industry. From the initial few types of decoration styles to today's various styles, because of different perspectives, the decoration styles are also different. What style of new house decoration is the focus of the majority of owners. Some novice decorators have no idea about the decoration style. What are the classification of decoration styles? The following is a brief introduction to several types of decoration styles for your reference

1. Mediterranean style

Mediterranean architecture is like growing out of the earth and hillside. Both materials and colors have reached a certain common understanding with nature. The interior design is based on the relaxed and comfortable life experience by the sea, with few flashy and rigid decorations. The living space makes people feel leisurely and complacent everywhere

characteristics of the Mediterranean: grey mud walls, continuous arcades and arches, ceramic bricks, sea blue tiles, doors and windows. Of course, design elements cannot be simply pieced together, but must have the soul of style running through them. The soul of Mediterranean style, the more consistent view is “ The romantic feelings of azure, the pure beauty of the sea and sky, and the sunny nature &rdquo

2. Pastoral style

pastoral style refers to the use of “ Pastoral ” Style building materials are a way of decoration. Simply put, it is a work or school that takes the unique natural characteristics of fields and gardens as the formal means, has a certain degree of rural life or rural art characteristics, and shows the content of natural leisure

it is characterized by its pastoral atmosphere through decoration. However, the countryside here is not rural, but a style close to nature and yearning for nature. The reason why rural style is called rural style is that the theme of rural style is close to nature and shows the breath of simple life. The biggest characteristic of rural style is: simple, cordial and realistic

3. Modern simple style

modern style decoration features: it is composed of curves and asymmetric lines, such as flower stems, flower buds, grapevines, insect wings and various beautiful and wavy body patterns in nature, which are reflected in the decoration of walls, railings, window lattice and furniture. Some of the lines are gentle and elegant, and some are powerful and rhythmic. The whole three-dimensional form is integrated with orderly and rhythmic curves. Iron components are widely used, and new processes such as glass and ceramic tiles, as well as iron products and ceramic products are comprehensively used indoors. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, and try to introduce new ideas into the interior decoration art

4. Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia luxury style is a design that combines the characteristics of Southeast Asian ethnic islands and exquisite cultural taste. Wood and other natural raw materials are widely used, such as rattan, bamboo, stone, bronze and brass, dark wood colored furniture, and some golden wallpaper and silk textured fabrics are locally used. The change of lighting reflects a sense of stability and luxury

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