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The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, and people are tired of running around in big cities with high-rise buildings. People's income has become higher, and more people are crowded into the city. However, people's enthusiasm for the city is gradually cooling. On the contrary, they are more longing for rural roads, the feeling of being close to nature, and breathing freely in the forest. And Kangchen Meike diatom mud can bring the forest into your home and make life come into nature

diatom mud may be a new term for many people, but the field of interior wall decoration paint has become famous. Diatom mud is a kind of indoor decorative wall material with diatomite as the main raw material. Kangchen Meike diatom mud is far ahead of other brands with excellent functional characteristics. In order to let you have a deeper understanding of Kangchen Meike diatom mud, let's go with Xiaobian to see how Kangchen Meike diatom mud is and what characteristics Kangchen Meike diatom mud has

I. brand introduction of konchen Meike diatom mud

konchen Meike diatom mud insists on making diatom mud into safety wall materials, functional wall materials and ecological wall materials, rather than chemical wall materials. On the premise of ensuring that the diatom mud itself must be zero formaldehyde, non-toxic and safe, continue to invest research and development energy in the long-term decomposition of formaldehyde, the development of health care functions and the improvement of artistic expression of diatom mud. The products have passed many tests of China Academy of building materials science

konchen Meike enterprise group has always put “ Be a conscientious and responsible enterprise ” This simple and sincere corporate culture, as the moral bottom line of enterprise development, is specifically reflected in the dedication to society. Kangchen Meike group launched a voluntary donation to the public welfare fund for leukemia children. For every square meter of diatom mud sold and purchased by customers in all Kangchen Meike diatom mud ecological experience halls, Kangchen Meike will donate 1 yuan in the name of customers for the public welfare cause of leukemia children's rescue

konchen Meike firmly believes that responsibility is also a kind of happiness. Actively promote and participate in various public welfare activities with a sincere heart, and inject more care and love into a harmonious society. It is a conscientious enterprise with a strong sense of responsibility and the courage to take responsibility

second, the nine functions of Kangchen Meike diatom mud

the main component of Kangchen Meike diatom mud is diatom mud, which has a soft texture and a porosity of more than 90%. It is this unique molecular sieve structure that has cast the nine functions of Kangchen Meike:

1 Formaldehyde free, non-toxic and tasteless

2 Long term decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, VOC and other harmful substances. No light absorption, light decomposition

3. Heat preservation and energy saving, heat insulation and noise reduction

4. Eliminate air static electricity and prevent pollution and self-cleaning

5. Fire retardant, only the melting point without ignition, does not produce any harmful gases

6. It can effectively inhibit mites, borers, bacterial reproduction, mold prevention and fog formation

7. Purify the indoor air and remove all kinds of peculiar smell

8. Automatically adjust the indoor temperature, and move the natural oxygen bar home

9. Non reflective, protect vision

Kangchen Meike diatom mud, let the building take care of life and be your trusted guardian of healthy home life

III. performance characteristics of konson MEC diatom mud coating material

1 Environmental protection

konchen MEC diatom mud is a green natural building material refined by special processes from non polluting and non radiation inorganic mineral materials such as photocatalytic materials, diatomite, natural colored sand, etc; The product saves resources because of its excellent durability, and can effectively purify the air

2. Weather resistance

konson MEC diatom mud coating material has excellent alkali resistance and acid resistance, especially the material does not pan alkali

has “ Mix ” Performance, so that it has excellent salt resistance and can inhibit the erosion of salt water

it has the function of blocking ultraviolet rays, which can effectively prevent the deterioration caused by ultraviolet radiation. The product adopts inorganic anti ultraviolet materials for color matching, which can make the product lasting as new

it can resist the erosion of water, steam, carbonic acid gas, salt and other substances, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of phenomena such as freezing, neutralization, salt damage and so on

3. Durability

Kangchen Meike diatom mud coating material takes inorganic bone material as the main material, coupled with special plant protein, has strong adhesion, and can be naturally integrated with the base material. For the diatom mud coating material on the inner wall, its structure has a unique “ Bridge erection ” Structure, can maintain long-term stability

4. Self cleaning

the special structural characteristics of konchen MEC diatom mud coating material, and the self-cleaning of diatom mud is also very strong. It doesn't need to be cleaned at all when applied to the wall. Even if it is accidentally soiled, it doesn't need to be scrubbed, as long as it is gently wiped off with a rubber. If you want to get stained, you need to ask professionals to deal with it

conclusion: This is about the brand of Kangchen Meike diatom mud and the performance characteristics of Kangchen Meike diatom mud coating materials. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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