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There are no ugly colors, only disharmonious colors. In a house, the use of color also contains a lot of knowledge. So what are the classic color combinations of home decoration, and what are the color combination taboos

there are no ugly colors, only disharmonious colors. In a house, the use of color also contains a lot of knowledge. So what are the classic color combinations of home decoration, and what are the color combination taboos? Color matching is the first element of clothing, and so is home decoration

when considering dressing up to love home, there should be an overall color scheme at the beginning, so as to determine the decoration color and the choice of furniture and home accessories. If you can use colors harmoniously, you can dress up your love home more freely

classic color matching

1, black + white + gray = eternal classic

black and white can create a strong visual effect, and the popular gray in recent years is integrated into it to alleviate the visual conflict between black and white, thus creating another different flavor. The space matched with the three colors is full of cool modern and future feeling

2. White + gold = modern + traditional

the color matching based on white and gold shows the intersection of modern and traditional, ancient and modern, and collides with a visual experience with both surreal and retro flavor. Gold and white visually give people an elegant flavor, and both sides have slight changes in chromaticity, so that these two colors can give space a new life

3, blue + white = romantic warmth

ordinary people at home, do not dare to try too bold colors, think it is safer to use white. If you like to use white, it's better to use the color matching of white + blue to show the coolness and flawlessness of white. The home space seems to be as open and comfortable as nature with the same color of the sea and sky. To create such a Mediterranean style, we must limit the things in the home, such as furniture, home accessories, curtains, etc., to one color system. Only in this way can we have a sense of unity. For those who yearn for blue sea and blue sky, white and blue are the best match for your home life

4, white + Green = the joy of new life

green is a fresh and fresh color, which represents the joy of new life. It is a tone that makes people feel calm inside. Color matching taboos are too strong. Stimulating colors are easy to make people feel irritable or affect their mental health. Grasp some basic principles, you will not touch the "minefield" in family decoration. When people choose the living environment and home decoration, they should formulate corresponding and reasonable color matching schemes according to different personal conditions

use red appropriately

red is a traditional color in China, which is easily accepted by the public as an architectural color. But the high color red environment will make people's blood pressure rise and their heartbeat accelerate. Therefore, the use of red in a large area of the room should also be appropriate, otherwise it will make people emotionally anxious. It is suggested to choose red for soft decoration, such as curtains, bedding, handbags, etc., and use light beige or fresh white to match, which can make people feel refreshed and highlight the red festive atmosphere

don't blindly believe in blue and green

the cool colors are very unsuitable for the elderly who live alone for a long time, which will aggravate their feeling of loneliness. Therefore, it is recommended to use bright and warm colors such as yellow for the elderly room

use pink with caution

pink has always been a controversial color in the construction industry. Some people believe that pink may also cause psychological anxiety, but there are also scientific experiments that show that pink has a good therapeutic effect on improving emotional anxiety and tension. So if you don't reject this color, you might as well try it carefully

home decoration with different styles and colors can change different home styles. Choose the color that suits you, and I believe your life will be changed

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