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What kind of bedroom can relax the mood most? What kind of bedroom can you get better sleep? Today, Ashley home brings natural color matching bedroom furniture, so that you can easily get a good sleep

what kind of bedroom can relax the mood most? What kind of bedroom can you get better sleep? When choosing good decoration, we should also be careful about the customization of bedroom furniture. Xiaoyi will show you a series of customized styles in the bedroom, with natural colors, reasonably designed and fully functional wardrobe, bay window, TV cabinet, bedside table, etc., each of which is favored by you


color: Bona + matte grey + hanyueshi

▲ the wardrobe style is simple and fashionable, and the rich layout makes the bedroom storage not monotonous. The structure in the wardrobe can be flexibly arranged according to their own habits and needs. The large door panels and glass doors enhance the style and artistic sense of the bedroom

▲ the surroundings of the bed are not confined to the secular world. With a unique innovative approach, combined with the characteristics of modern furniture, practical furniture is created, with simple and atmospheric lines, so that thoughts can soar in the breath of modern life


color: Angel white

▲ white is one of the most commonly used and basic tones, which brings people a pure and natural feeling and is the tone with the highest acceptance. The white combination furniture in the bedroom gives people a soothing and quiet feeling

▲ the simple shape of the cloakroom integrates the flavor of European rural art. At the same time, it will take you to appreciate the vibrant lifestyle, return to nature, and feel the quiet and elegant attitude of life


color: Walnut + high gloss white

▲ walnut and high gloss white are often used as one of the best options in bedroom color selection. White lace UPS give people a faint warmth. They are simple, elegant and soft, making people easily and easily enter the state of sleep

▲ the simple design of the semi open closets reflects a different style. At the same time, the simple and unique handle integrates the fashion sense of brand elements


color: high gloss white + Bona wood

▲ the bedroom wardrobe is mainly in pure high gloss white. The body color of Bona wood cabinet, unique long handle, and the application and decoration of press type glass door make the bedroom have a warm, romantic, noble and elegant living environment


color: Camino + denim + angel white

▲ the design of modern sliding door wardrobe has unique personality, and it absorbs the pursuit of personality and independent personality of young people. Its modern style illustrates a beautiful natural life to us


color: Athens white + Camino

▲ light color tone gives people a "clean" atmosphere, and the refreshing feeling penetrates the whole person visually. In psychology, these two colors have the effects of sedation and hypnosis, making people feel calm inside

▲ the simple bedroom design makes the whole bedroom simple but not simple. The design of desk cabinet combined with bedside cabinet increases the utilization of space and allows us to taste life quietly


color: Cement gray + high gloss white

▲ the light gray bedroom can calm the fatigue of body and mind. The black waist strip of the wardrobe is matched with the gray wardrobe, which is elegant and fresh. And the tone of bedding is similar to that of furniture, giving people a low-key and gentle feeling


color: Walnut + high gloss white

▲ the design of the top wardrobe + concealed door and open storage compartment, the right laminate can place commonly used small items, while the design of the left concealed door cabinet can store all kinds of clothes for easy access

▲ the wall hanging design of the TV cabinet at the end of the bed can place some decorations and books in addition to storage. The space is instantly soft and artistic, which fully improves the use efficiency of the space. At the same time, the addition of TV has also enhanced the entertainment atmosphere


color: Angel white

▲ beautiful European style bedroom design, choose the appropriate classification according to the size of the house type. If it is a small house type, you can choose the simple European style, and if it is a large house type, you can choose the complicated traditional European style

▲ the combined design of wardrobe and TV cabinet greatly saves space. The staggered design of door covering cabinet and storage compartment causes people's infinite beautiful reverie


color: classical grapefruit

▲ the bedside combination cabinet in the European style bedroom is very textured, and the atmospheric pattern enhances the gorgeous sense of space

▲ women all want to have this kind of bedroom, which is gorgeous, elegant and practical, so as to improve the taste of the home and the life taste of the family

finish the customization of the bedroom, make space planning and choose the right furniture. For different groups, Ashley home furnishing professional designers come to the door to measure the ruler, and design the scheme according to the needs of you and your family! There is no heartbeat. It's better to take action than heartbeat. Come and take your favorite bedroom customization home




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