Practical decoration tips

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Practical decoration tips

1 Other students must pay attention to the following points when pasting tiles:

① it is best to be on site

② some imperfect tiles can be pasted by workers in places that they can't see in the future, such as behind cabinets, hand washing desks, mirrors, etc. they also need to pay attention to flower tiles, waist tiles, etc. don't be pasted by workers in the above positions, otherwise you can't see anything in the future and spend money wrongly

③ the soaking time must be enough before the wall tiles and floor tiles are pasted

④ be sure to plug the floor drain with something to prevent it from being blocked by falling cement. The floor drain of my house was blocked because of falling cement. It took 30 doors to find the management office to dredge up and get a lot of small mud

⑤ workers will not waste too much tiles when people are on site. My family was not at the scene when I put up the tiles. Later, I went to see it. Many bricks were wasted. It was heartbreaking. It was all hard work

2. The length and height of one wall. If a bathroom has four walls, measure the length and height of each wall. Then deduct the area of a window and door. Finally, calculate the area of the ground. After you measure the size, you can also take it to the shop selling tiles, and they will help you meet it again. Add 5% loss

3. It is found that in order to save money, comprehensive hydropower transformation projects that should be considered have not been done in place

4. Cheap materials are not environmentally friendly, and the smell of living in is too strong

5 The shower you bought is too big, which makes it incongruous to put it in the bathroom

6 Water and electricity transformation should be planned by themselves, and they are required to drive Cao in a straight line. I watched them draw lines and slotted them all according to the lines

7. Each item should be checked and accepted by yourself. Otherwise, you will regret it later! I saw them using fake work yesterday! Alas

8. Waterproof must be done well, must test the water

9. It's too fast to find the decoration team. I'm very dissatisfied with them, especially the foreman

10. Many verbal agreements during construction have become a gap that has been slaughtered at the time of settlement. They must be written in black and white, and the prices of increased and decreased projects must be asked clearly and written out

11. Never let the construction team do what can be bought

12 If the floor is installed on the ground, the cement layer shall be made again and the floor shall be troweled again. Because I believe the floor manufacturer's statement that it has not been leveled again, now the composite floor of the living room has been creaking

13. Do not use plastic steel doors for kitchen and bathroom doors. It is still easy to deform. Especially for the kitchen door, it is better to decorate the carpenter to make a wooden rail door

14. Install as many power plugs as possible in the living room. There are many things that use electricity that you never thought of at first

15. There is still a partition outside the shower in the bathroom. It's not easy to pull a shower curtain. It's actually very inconvenient. Water flows all over the floor

16. Materials for making doors and frames should be materials with fine wood grains. Otherwise, the door is like a guest house. Especially now the so-called white and red oaks in Shenzhen are not suitable for doors

>& gt;& gt; Link: summary of mistakes in bathroom decoration

17 Before installing the cabinet, be sure to confirm whether the waterway of your home is OK. After installing the cabinet, my family found the slippery wire at the mouth of the pipe used to connect the water for the vegetable basin. Soon after the pipe was connected, there was a trickle, which took a lot of effort to complete

18. Kitchen and bathroom floor tiles must not be white. Otherwise, you can wipe it... The ceiling should pay special attention to smoothing the putty before applying Dulux. Otherwise, just like my home, there are patches, which are particularly obvious in the light and are terrible

19. The number of lights in the living room should not be too many, and it is better to be concise, otherwise it is like a lamp shop

20 Buy those things that need to be installed, and try to require the installation of the goods sold. It really doesn't cover the installation, and you must insist on paying the full payment after the installation!! Remember: it must be paid after all the installation is completed. If it cannot be installed at one time, we should insist on leaving a little balance until the next installation is completed. (this experience is still decorated with a history of blood and tears, remember!)

21. All documents for shopping must be kept, even a white note. At least save it until all the decoration is finished. This is absolutely beneficial to the possible return and problematic things in the later stage

22. When learning from others' experience before decoration, it is best to prepare a small book and write down or clip down what you think you will need in the future. This can avoid when you encounter similar situations in your decoration, you clearly remember where you said what to do, but you just can't remember clearly

23. During the decoration period, take the business cards of the manufacturers and merchants you collected before with you. Maybe when you do, you will save a lot of things and avoid many detours

24. If it is a long and narrow kitchen, and the cupboard and basin are at the top, it is best to install a chandelier above the cupboard and basin, otherwise washing things at night is backlit

25. The ceiling light in the bedroom should be double controlled, one by the door and one by the bed, so as to avoid lying in bed in winter and then turning off the light

26. The position of the socket must be calculated well, including height and spacing. I first encountered steel bars at the position of the cassette, and then put it in place. I found that it was just blocked by the TV cabinet, microwave oven and desk, so I had to move the position of the first two furniture higher. Finally, I found that not only the height was not in line with ergonomics, but also I could not buy suitable stainless steel cabinet legs, so I could only order aluminum legs

27. There are too many lights on the ceiling of the aisle, and they are connected in series. The light is bright enough, but the old man doesn't think it costs too much electricity and has little chance to drive it. In fact, you only need to install one at the corner of the aisle, which is bright and effective





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