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Abnormal phenomena of hollow cathode lamp and treatment methods

1 Abnormal phenomenon: cathode glow changes (neon filled lamp changes from orange red to pink to white), and hydrogen filled lamp changes from light purple to white. Weaken the emission line, and there may be background emission at the same time

cause: there is impurity gas in the lamp

solution: reverse discharge the lamp under Ma current for several minutes to half an hour. If it is invalid, reverse discharge under Ma and activate the getter

2. Abnormal phenomenon: the shielding tube emits light. Reduce the emission except that the above material solution is unstable

cause: the sputtered gold filings are needle like crystals or flakes falling off, making the cathode connected with the shielding tube

solution: vibrate the lamp housing to disconnect the connecting part

3. Abnormal phenomenon: anode light flashes

cause: uneven discharge on anode surface

solution: generally, it does not affect the use; If there is any influence, reverse discharge for half an hour under 10-20ma

4. Abnormal phenomenon: the cathode emits light outside and behind. Slightly weaken the emission line

cause: the distance between shield tube and cathode is too large δ= (p/f) *cos a, or impurity gas

solution: it can still be used if the launch is stable, and if necessary, it shall be treated in reverse as 1

5. Abnormal phenomenon: there is a jumping spark discharge in the cathode, and there is no measurement line emission. Thus, it cannot be used before normal discharge is restored

cause: there is oxide or impurity gas on the cathode surface

solution: reverse discharge at Ma, or increase the current stabilizing resistance in series with the lamp to kiloohm

6. Abnormal phenomenon: reduced sensitivity. It cannot be measured normally

causes: the lamp has background emission, wrong wavelength selection, too wide pass band of monochromator, blocked injector, insufficient fuel gas, and the burner slit is not below the optical axis

solution: check the background emission of the lamp, observe the negative time, safe and reliable Aurora tone, and the treatment is the same as L

7. Abnormal phenomenon: no light. Cannot be used

cause: lamp cap air leakage or lamp cap wiring falling off; The power supply is faulty

solution: first check the power supply with other lamps, and then check with a high-frequency vacuum leak detector. If there is no neon light in the lamp shell, it is air leakage (replace with a new lamp); If there is neon light, the wiring falls off

8. Abnormal phenomenon: it only emits light outside the cathode port. Cannot be used

cause: the pressure of inert gas decreases, and normal discharge cannot be maintained

solution: replace the lamp with a new one

9. Abnormal phenomenon: the luminous tone is normal, and the characteristic line laying emission is very weak or cannot be detected. Entering the oil cylinder cannot be measured normally

cause: after long-term use, the cathode metal is exhausted or the photomultiplier tube or amplifier used is inappropriate

solution: if it cannot be revived, replace the lamp or select a suitable photomultiplier tube or amplifier again

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