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About 70 countries will stop using lead-containing paint in the future. About 70 countries will stop using lead-containing paint on September 28, 2015. China paint information learned from the activities of the international publicity campaign for the prevention of lead poisoning that lead poisoning is still one of the most important environmental health concerns for children around the world, Lead containing paint is the main trigger point for children's lead poisoning with an estimated value of 1.347 billion yuan of total equity of Wharton shareholders during the period. The World Health Organization calls for paint high nickel 811 material to become an important development trend of power batteries in the future. Enterprises should avoid using lead-containing paint and let children grow up healthily

it is understood that who has identified lead as one of the ten chemicals that cause major public health concerns, requiring member states to take action to protect the health of workers, children and women of childbearing age. According to the organization, lead exposure causes 143000 deaths every year, the heaviest burden in developing countries. The organization also stressed that the harm of lead to children should not be ignored. Young children are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead and have to endure serious and persistent side effects on health. Lead will especially affect the development of the brain and nervous system. According to the data provided by the organization, it is estimated that about 600000 new intellectual disabilities are caused by children's lead exposure every year

according to who, children may be exposed to the environment through toys, walls, door frames, furniture, etc. How should users choose when selecting the experimental machine? It is very important to know the model of the electronic universal testing machine. In addition, the lead-containing paint peeled off the surface of the object will also generate indoor dust that has been polluted by lead and is easy to be inhaled by children. According to the who, there is no known safe lead exposure level for car wheels on the road, and there is no known safe blood lead concentration, but lead poisoning can be prevented

there are clear standards and regulations on the lead content in the standards for indoor environment decoration materials in China. The regulations indicate that the soluble lead content of solvent based wood coatings, interior wall coatings, wood furniture and wallpaper shall not exceed 90mg/kg. Experts explained that the main heavy metal indicators specified in these standards include chromium, cadmium and mercury in addition to lead. These heavy metals are the main components of paint color rendering, so "the more brightly colored the paint, the more likely it is to contain a large number of heavy metals."

according to the data provided by who, 30 countries in the world have gradually stopped using lead-containing paint. The goal set by the global alliance for the elimination of lead-containing paint jointly led by who and UNEP is to stop using lead-containing paint in 70 countries by 2015

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