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About 2000 foreign enterprises in Dongguan moved and closed down last year. Yechunrong, President of Dongguan Taiwan investment enterprise association, recently revealed that about 2000 foreign-funded enterprises closed down and moved in Dongguan last year, of which 20% were Taiwan funded enterprises, or about 500

he said that at the same time of bankruptcy and transfer, more than 300 Taiwan enterprises have also been added to invest in Dongguan

According to yechunrong, the current trend of large and medium-sized Taiwan funded enterprises moving to the Yangtze River Delta is related to the historical background of Taiwan businessmen investing in the mainland. Before the 1990s, Taiwanese businessmen came to the mainland to invest "stealthily". Some scattered small capitals and "Mom and pop stores" gathered in the Pearl River Delta and gradually took root. Since 1993, Taiwan has opened its door to investment in the mainland. At this time, some large and medium-sized enterprises entered the mainland as a whole, and the Yangtze River Delta, which had not yet been explored at that time, became the first choice

he said: "I have also set up factories in the Yangtze River Delta. Through years of comparative development, I think there are great differences between the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The most direct manifestation is in management."

yechunrong believes that due to long-term contact with large and medium-sized enterprises, the management and operation of the government and customs in the Yangtze River Delta have formed their own system and are very mature. Comparatively speaking, the Pearl River Delta started from small capital, processing with supplied materials and other modes, with higher management costs and risks

Yuefeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which is facing the biggest challenge this year, has won the "Dongguan foreign funded enterprise upgrading and transformation Award" issued by the municipal government. In this regard, yechunrong believes that under the impact of the financial crisis last year, the enterprise performance did not decrease, but significantly improved, "the main reason is that we have opened up the way"

he said that as early as 2006, his company acquired the second largest network communication product in the United States as an industrial wholesaler with good development prospects. In the first two years after the acquisition, the company was losing money. Last year, the company played a great role

he said: "in the past, we only made products, but now we still sell products. By combining manufacturing with circulation, we can deal with the crisis and win a beautiful battle."

yechunrong believes that the difficulty in recruiting workers will be the biggest challenge facing manufacturing enterprises in 2010. He said that the government should make great efforts to retain productive talents. Production talents have relatively low education background, but they have mature technical operation ability. If it is allowed to think that the standard has reached the domestic advanced level, it will be disadvantageous to the long-term development of Dongguan industry. The government should improve the sense of urban belonging of productive talents from the perspectives of household entry and low-cost housing for productive talents, which is the fundamental way to solve the shortage of workers

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