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ABB helps the world's highest high-voltage DC transmission project improve power quality Beijing, on March 16, 2016, more than 900 ABB high-voltage power capacitors were successfully operated in the laelectromechanical SA converter station of Qinghai Tibet 400 kV DC transmission project expansion project. The average altitude of the transmission line is 4500m, which is the highest HVDC project in the world

Lhasa converter station located in Linzhou County, Tibet Qinghai Tibet HVDC transmission project is constructed by China State Power Corporation, starting from Golmud converter station in Qinghai and ending at Lhasa converter station in Tibet, with a total length of 1038 km. Since its construction, the project has attracted much attention. It is the highest altitude power transmission and transformation project in the world so far. It can be said that it has created a power Heaven Road across the roof of the world. The project is characterized by high cold and hypoxia, complex geology, widespread frozen soil and fragile ecological environment, which puts forward higher requirements for construction technology and external insulation performance of high-voltage equipment

in this project, Lhasa converter station is responsible for converting 400 kV DC to 220 kV AC. The capacitors provided by ABB are installed at the 220 kV AC side of Lhasa station to improve the transmission capacity and stability of the transmission line through reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering. These capacitors have the characteristics of high voltage, large capacity, compact design and small floor area, and can operate continuously and reliably under various climatic conditions from polar to tropical. All of these products adopt integrated casing, and special treatment is carried out for vacuum, paint and other processes in the production process to cope with the special operating environment at high altitude in Tibet

Lhasa converter station in Linzhou County, Tibet in recent years, China has focused on the development and construction of several HVDC transmission lines to improve the capacity and efficiency of electricity. These lines carry out long-distance and low loss transmission of power developed in areas with concentrated energy distribution to meet the huge power demand of load centers

abb took the lead in applying HVDC technology as early as 60 years ago, and has always been at the forefront of innovation in this field in the past 20 years. At present, abb has participated in more than 110 HVDC projects worldwide, accounting for about half of the world's installed capacity. In China, abb has participated in the construction of 22 of the 30 HVDC projects and actively supported China in building a safer, more efficient and stronger national power

abb is a global leader in power and automation technologies with natural characteristics such as deodorization and bacteriostasis, UV resistance, sound absorption and insulation, and natural degradation. It is committed to helping Jinan Shijin recommend waterproof coiled material testing machines to help customers in power, industry, transportation, infrastructure and other fields improve their performance and reduce their impact on the environment. ABB Group operates in nearly 100 countries and employs 135000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services. What should we do? It has 18000 employees, 40 local enterprises and sales and service networks in 147 cities across the country

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