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A large number of inflammables and explosives such as paint were removed in a residential area in Changchun. More than 600 barrels of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods were hidden in the residential area, just like a "time bomb", which always threatened the lives of surrounding residents. On the 23rd, the public security and fire control departments in Chaoyang District of Changchun City jointly banned the dens and removed these dangerous goods

on November 23, when the police of Baiju Road police station of Chaoyang District branch of Changchun public security bureau visited a residential area near Baiju Road, they found a row of bungalows between several residential buildings. After investigation, this is a room that is not affected by humidity, and the door is locked

the police thought the warehouse was suspicious, so they had been crouching nearby. Soon, someone came to the warehouse, and the police immediately checked and found that a large number of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods were stored in the warehouse

At about 14:00 p.m., personnel from Chaoyang District branch of Changchun public security bureau and Chaoyang District brigade of public security fire brigade came to the warehouse and disposed of dangerous goods. It was seen at the scene that this row of bungalows was located in the middle of the residential building, and the nearest biodegradable plastic used for food packaging accounted for more than 70%. Weng Kaimin, the sales manager of EMS automotive industry, introduced the "weight and cost reduction scheme for automotive energy saving - innovation of EMS high-performance materials"; Lizhifeng, high molecular materials engineer of Changchun Fuwei Johnson Controls Automotive Trim System Co., Ltd., made the "latest utilization progress of high molecular materials in automotive interiors"; The theme of Mr. wangzenghui, vice president of sales of Saint Vincent injection molding industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is "hot runner technology in the automotive industry"; The keynote speech of Professor Yan Jianhua, a researcher at the Institute of lightweight structural composites of Donghua University, is "the utilization of woven composites in automotive structural parts"; Liu Jie, a senior engineer of Shanghai Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center, introduced the "master of engine nonmetallic materials - Manifold", which is less than 10 meters away from the civil building. There are a lot of paint, paint, banana water and other items in the warehouse

then, the law enforcement officers made statistics and found that there were more than 600 barrels of all kinds of dangerous goods in the warehouse, including 150 barrels of paint and 130 barrels of banana water, worth about 1 million yuan

in this regard, chenhongtao, deputy director of Chaoyang District branch of Changchun public security bureau, said that this was the highest amount of money involved in the case since the Changchun police launched the fire suppression operation in September this year. The police will cooperate with the fire department to check and store dangerous goods. The police will handle the matter according to law

sunjiupeng, leader of Chaoyang brigade of Changchun public security fire detachment, said that the storage of inflammables and explosives in the warehouse was not approved, which violated the relevant provisions of the fire protection law. The fire department sealed up the warehouse and timely removed these dangerous goods for temporary storage. In addition, people will be fined from a minimum of 5000 yuan to a maximum of 50000 yuan according to law

the fire department reminds that civil buildings should not be used for the production and storage of flammable and explosive chemicals, especially the warehouse is very close to the residential building. In case of open fire, explosion is very likely. In addition, we hope that the public can report similar situations in a timely manner due to the high cost of silver (the current market price of silver is about 4million yuan/ton)

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