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Overview of the first police UAV combat method drill in our province

original title: overview of the first police UAV combat method drill in our province

blue sky enlistment

Fujian rule of Law News - strait rule of law, September 6 - on the morning of August 11, Fuzhou, the sun was blazing. At a training base of the provincial public security department, which became flexible and efficient, with the command of the commander, several UAVs soared into the sky and flew to the blue sky. After using the continuous fiber belt, two six rotor unmanned aerial vehicles lifted off for 100 meters and spun to a stop, respectively hanging big red banners of "loyalty to the party and service to the people" and "fair law enforcement and strict discipline", which were particularly dazzling against the blue sky

this scene is a silhouette of the first police UAV tactics drill of the provincial public security organ

this drill gathered drone flight elites from public security organs and police departments across the province, and demonstrated the technical and operational methods of rapid response and collaborative operations of police drones in various complex environments

this issue of the special issue of public security rule of law takes you into the drill site and unveils the mystery of police drones

"unique insight": rescue people in distress in the mountains and forests

in this drill, Fuzhou Public Security Bureau searched and rescued a crowd who unfortunately fell into the mountain cast iron manhole cover cj/t 3012 (9) 3 forest during the evacuation process by simulating the flash flood situation and using the cooperation of police helicopters and UAVs. The police took the lead in sending helicopters for early large-scale exploration and search, preparing for the next step of cooperating with UAVs in search and rescue

"the target has been found, but there are many trees on site, so we can't get too close. Now we use a high-power zoom lens to check." During the search, the black UAV found the target, and carried out close-up detection through the high-power zoom lens on the UAV to transmit the scene image back

police helicopter search and rescue trapped people in mountains and forests

through the regional fine search of UAV, combined with the thermal imaging camera and helicopter large-scale cruise search, it can ensure that the rapid positioning of rescue targets can be completed between the recommended parts of Beiqi Foton model selection in the shortest time, so as to win valuable time for rescuing the wounded. After determining the precise location of the people in distress and the specific situation on the scene, the UAV team withdrew and the helicopter carried out winch operation to rescue the people

since its establishment, the police aviation UAV Tactical team of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau, which participated in this subject exercise, has actively explored new tactics and new ideas of UAV Based on the concept of multi technology and multi police synthetic warfare, dared to break through the Convention, and constantly used its own innovation to solve practical problems

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