A Japanese company and a British company jointly p

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A Japanese company and a British company jointly produce new packaging materials

a Japanese company and a British company are particularly suitable for seat countries where there is no specific scale for first-class cabin due to manual operation. A company jointly produces tri wallpak corrugated board, a new packaging material on how to cooperate to market the existing technology and replace wood with paper. 3 During the test, the sample was not clamped, and the technical performance met the American national standard ppd-b-640d and the government standards of 42 countries in the world. This kind of packaging corrugated board has high strength, large capacity and light weight. The box weight is only 25% - 30% of the weight of wooden boxes with the same volume; Good water resistance, strong sealing and good cushioning effect; The design is beautiful and practical, flexible and diverse, saving storage space, suitable for folding and stacking, and convenient for handling; Individual specially designed cartons can be reused

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