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International Overview: a glance at the development of India's printing industry

for the ranking of the global printing market, the United States ranks first, ahead of Japan, and China leaps from fifth to third, surpassing Germany and the United Kingdom. India (with a population of 1.2 billion) and Indonesia (with a population of 225million) are emerging markets with great long-term development potential, and their ranking rose from 11th in 2000 to 8th in 2012. Other countries with rapid development include Russia, which rose from 37th in 2000 to 22nd in 2006

many people may have great doubts about this. Next, let's take a look at the real Indian printing industry. India had 1.622 trillion A4 prints in 2011, and it is predicted to reach 2.174 trillion A4 prints in 2016. We predict that between 2011 and 2016, it will increase by 6 For small cylinders, it is better to add a V-shaped table at a speed of 0% to continue to grow

India has a huge domestic market. Now India ranks 10th (by output value), and it is expected that the award will jump to fifth in 2016. India's market demand is also growing. The rising literacy rate in India has led to a growing number of readers. India's book market is growing at a 30% growth rate every year. For the international market, the trade between India and Germany has quadrupled in the past 10 years (2012: estimated 20billion euros). Moreover, foreign enterprises are enthusiastic about the demand for high-quality printing materials in the Indian market

for the future of the printing industry, its impact on the economy should not be underestimated. In Germany, printing accounted for 1.3% of GDP, creating 29billion euros. In India, printing accounts for about 2% of GDP, creating 18.7 billion euros

the output value of Indian print media is expected to increase to 22.7 billion euros by 2015

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