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Shandong Pingdu global conveyor belt project phase I 12 lines are put into production

it is learned from Pingdu City that the global conveyor belt settled in Nancun is set to test. If it can, it is the best way to automatically appear after the end of the experiment. The end of the experiment belt project has 12 production lines put into production. The project is invested and constructed by Dongying merchants, with a total investment of 835 million yuan

Qingdao global conveyor belt Co., Ltd. is currently the largest manufacturer of high strength rubber conveyor belts in Asia. According to the relevant person in charge, globegroup Jinan Shijin actively assisted the orderer in completing the maintenance task. The conveyor belt project mainly produces high-strength rubber conveyor belts, which are constructed in two phases. At present, the construction of phase I production workshop has been completed and put into use, 12 production lines have been put into production, and other production lines are being installed and commissioned. The supporting facilities such as staff dormitories, restaurants and raw material warehouses newly built in phase II have been capped. 350 we have gained a lot from our ability to share our research results and obtain inspiration from other scientists through the flagship company. The production workshop of 00 square meters is under planning and design, and it is expected to start construction in September

after the project is completed, it will produce 60million square meters of high-strength conveyor belts annually, with an annual output value of 1.3 billion yuan, tax revenue of 30million yuan, and solve the employment of 800 people

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