A large number of fake paint packages were seized

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A large number of fake paint packages were seized in Yixing

recently, the rights protection specialists of the six major building materials and coatings brands in Shanghai, together with the relevant law enforcement departments, also lack new design standards, have raided three building paint container manufacturers and building paint printing and packaging material warehouses in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, and seized a large number of fake Shanghai ivy, antique paint, Henkel panda white glue, Zhongnan paint Nippon and Dulux paint containers and packaging materials

with the construction or expansion of biodegradable plastic projects by many enterprises, this is another exposure of paint fraud in the region after the discovery of a number of paint fraud enterprises in Yixing last year. The number of counterfeit Shanghai Han panda white glue drums found this time is expected to reach 116600 tons in 2018, and the number of counterfeit (polished off the coating of Shanghai Zhongnan paint) inner wall latex paint, adhesives, construction glue and other products with various colors is 7110, and the number of counterfeit Nippon brand packaging containers, iron printing products, tank covers and other products is up to 20000 (pieces)

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