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Ten years of communication industry: a Hollywood blockbuster

Nokia fell, Apple was born, Google was brilliant, and Microsoft extended to hardware

in terms of the communication industry, the development of the decade is more like a movie, spanning, ups and downs, the battle between the two powers, and the loss of strength. These Hollywood elements are constantly staged in the communication industry

in 2002, the communication industry leaped from analog communication technology to digital communication technology, 2G came, and big brother withdrew from the stage. The subsequent development of the communication industry can be described as twists and turns, willows and flowers. 2G has created a prosperous era marked by Nokia

by 2008, challenges and opportunities are coming at the same time, and leaping to 3G has become a key word. With the advent of 3G era, intelligence has been popularized rapidly in a short time. People are no longer satisfied with sending text messages. They can go online, play games, send and receive e-mail, and even work on mobile phones. The original giants are addicted to adding functions item by item, but they can't see that this is a complete mobile transformation of lifestyle. Apple was born with unique ideas and innovative products, and its rise speed is as fast as the fall speed of the giants. Those giants in the 2G era, such as Nokia and Motorola, gradually lost market share due to conservatism and began to save themselves

key words: 3G

mobile life changes the world

in 2002, plastic waste has seriously deteriorated our living environment, and the communication industry has entered a period of great change. Analog communication network is replaced by digital communication network, and 2G era is coming. In the past, the brick like mobile phone withdrew from the stage, and the function machine began to shine

Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic, Sony, Siemens, including Bubugao, Changhong and other domestic brands compete in the functional machine market

however, in 2008, the change happened again. 2G network has been unable to meet people's requirements for mobile life. 3G appears at the right time

at the beginning of 2009, three 3G licenses were issued, and China officially entered the 3G era. Although 3G has only developed for twoorthree years in China, mobile office, e-commerce, IOT, games, Weibo social networking and other related applications are becoming more and more abundant, and users' demand for broadband is also ignited

in the 3G era, the war among the three major operators is also burning

unlike the 2G era, when China Mobile occupies most of the market share, the gap between the three major operators becomes smaller in the 3G era

in order to stick to old customers and develop more new users, the three major operators have subsidized smartphones, Among them "Because their production capacity did not grow synchronously with the strong market demand, China Unicom and Chinatelecom introduced the iPhone, trying to reverse the pattern of the 2G era.

key words: smart

smart machines broke through the 1billion mark

the popularity of smart machines also made some interested people seize the opportunity. No one would have thought that Google in the Internet industry would shine brightly in the smart industry.

Microsoft tried every means to rely on software and hardware innovation to This new circle opens up

the advent of 3G era has made intelligent computers popular rapidly in just two years. Compared with the functional machine, the intelligent machine can not only send text messages, but also go on high-speed, with rich applications, and mobile office. It is not only a tool, but also a toy, which fully meets the requirements of modern people for mobile life

the update speed of smart computers is also faster than expected, and the screen is getting larger and larger, 3.5-inch screen, 4-inch screen, 4.3-inch screen, 5-inch screen; The configuration is getting higher and higher, from single core, dual core to quad core; Prices are also constantly being pulled down, and smart machines have entered the era of 100 yuan

positioning is also becoming more and more detailed. Business people, fashion people, students, etc., and the full coverage of high, middle and low end also makes consumers have more choices

channels are also diversified, including customized channels, social channels, self owned channels and e-commerce channels. New functions are emerging one after another. Video call realizes the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise itself, map navigation, voice intercom function

function machines still have a lot of market space, but the growth momentum of intelligent machines is far more than function machines

the national shipment data of August released by the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology shows that 2G shipments reached 19.271 million units, a decrease of 30.4% over the same period last year; 3G shipments reached 21.645 million units, an increase of 68.5% over the same period last year

in the world, the number of intelligent machines has exceeded 1billion

the latest data released recently by strategy analytics, an American market research company, shows that the global smart ownership reached 1.038 billion in the third quarter of this year. The agency also predicts that the second 1billion users are expected to be realized in 2015 in less than three years

key words: decline

Nokia's difficult transformation

Nokia's decline in the 3G era is just like Motorola's decline in the 2G era

when Motorola was still immersed in the glory of big brother, Nokia, a Finnish manufacturer that started with rubber products, cooperated with CDMA operators and gradually became the world's leader

however, when Nokia was still immersed in the glory of the 2G era, an Apple iPhone was born

Nokia, which is too light on its enemies, did not expect the earth shaking changes brought to the smartphone market. With the iPhone gradually becoming an arcade, Nokia's market share has fallen from nearly 40% to less than 20% now

elop made a decision after he took office as CEO of Nokia, giving up Symbian system, forming an alliance with Microsoft to build lumia smart machine of WP system, while continuing to develop Asha series equipped with S40 system, so as to walk on two legs

at present, Nokia lumia has launched 7 models, and Asha series has also launched 12 models in a year

however, Nokia's transformation has not changed its plight in a short time. Its performance has suffered continuous losses, layoffs, factory closures, and issuance of financing bonds. Nokia's recovery path continues

although Motorola, which is also mired in losses and layoffs, is no longer the style of the big brother era, local governments and relevant institutions have increased their efforts to support and promote the development of graphene industrialization. The introduction of the blade still gives Motorola a period of reflection

after being acquired by Google, the new CEO of Motorola chose to give up the former aircraft sea strategy and follow the high-quality route like HTC. This decision was accompanied by major layoffs

key words: rookies

the rise of Chinese power

corresponding to the declining aristocracy is the emergence of rookies. In the smart machine market, in addition to apple and Samsung, there are many newcomers, such as Huawei, ZTE and HTC

as a telecom equipment manufacturer, Huawei ZTE started from 1000 yuan smart phones with its relationship with operators, and quickly gained a foothold. Among them, ZTE once became the fourth largest manufacturer in the world

however, the thin profits of 1000 yuan smart machines have made them enter the middle and high end. Now, Huawei and ZTE have launched their own high-end series. Huawei has also developed its own processors

htc is a true rookie. Different from Huawei ZTE's accumulation in the communication industry, HTC was just a OEM at the beginning. Later, with Microsoft's MCE operating system, HTC began to transform its independent research and development, and quickly opened the market in Europe and the United States

htc chairman Wang Xuehong was also named the Asian star of the year in 2005

in 2008, when Google's Android system was launched, HTC once again seized the opportunity to cooperate with Google. When Sony and Ericsson broke up and Nokia and Motorola followed suit, HTC suddenly emerged

however, the lack of patents has made it constantly face lawsuits from competitors, and thus blocked. However, when apple and Samsung were locked in a patent war in the European and American markets, HTC changed its strategy and focused on the Chinese market, trying to reverse the decline in performance

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