A great revolution in the traditional pulping tech

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Straw papermaking, a great revolution in traditional pulping technology

when it comes to pulping and papermaking, people first think of terrible pollution. However, there are no sewage pipelines and sewage treatment facilities in Zhongcheng paper factory located in Shanxian economic and Technological Development Zone. Drink water, eat grass, spit pulp, the whole assembly line does not discharge a drop of water. Yang Hua, the person in charge of the enterprise, said. After a period of trial operation, Zhongcheng paper's first DMC clean pulping production line was officially put into operation successfully

DMC clean pulping technology applied to the pulping production line came out in 2005. After China obtained invention patents and scientific and technological achievements appraisal, it applied for international patents in 25 countries such as the United States and Canada. This technology was directly introduced by Shan county, and its DMC catalytic clean pulping project for manufacturing high-grade cultural paper was approved and approved by the provincial environmental protection and development and reform departments. The six production lines designed and built by Zhongcheng paper industry have all been put into production, with an annual sales revenue of 3 billion yuan and 4000 jobs

outside the No.1 production workshop, which can produce 120000 tons of clean peel strength experimental machine pulp per year, the author did not find sewage pipes and pollution control facilities. Cheng Xiangwu, the inventor of the patented technology, said that the new process of recycling waste liquid and cleaning pulping adopted by them has completely solved the worldwide problem of waste liquid pollution in straw papermaking. Subsequently, Cheng Xiangwu further expanded his experiments on pulping raw materials, and the pulping of hard raw materials such as corn straw, cotton straw, grapevine, reed and wood processing enterprise residues was also successful

the core of DMC clean pulp technology is that the liquid from grass washing is reused in the grass washing section. The waste water from the process of pre impregnation catalysis, dynamic pulping and bleaching of raw materials added with DMC agent is reused for the compounding of DMC agent, which realizes the resource ecological recycling of straw pulping waste liquid, solves the difficulty of accumulation of various substances in the middle water treatment and recycling, establishes the technological innovation of thermoplastic elastomer materials and products industry, and realizes the utilization of wheat, rice Cotton and other crop stalks can produce excellent packaging paper, cultural paper and household paper

at present, Zhongcheng paper industry has been included in the high-tech energy conservation and emission reduction environmental protection projects supported by the provincial government and the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, which has brought confidence to extruder enterprises. Industry experts evaluate this technology as a major breakthrough in the pollution control of straw pulping and papermaking, and a great revolution in traditional pulping technology. rdquo

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