A hundred year old paper mill in the United States

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A century old paper mill in the United States came back to life only because of a Chinese policy

according to American media, a 100 year old paper mill in Wisconsin, the United States, was originally closed in 2017 due to reduced demand for coated paper, but later came back to life. Now half of the 600 employees who were laid off when the factory was closed have returned to the factory. This unexpected development stems from two forces: e-commerce and China

according to the New York Times website on March 26, this paper mill was founded in 1889, and its ownership changed hands many times. In the summer of 2017, it announced that it would close the mill, because the main product of the mill was coated paper, while the print advertising industry, which used to use coated paper a lot, gradually moved its business to the network, and its demand continued to decrease. This news shocked the local people at that time, because the paper mill used to shut down for less than a week except for routine maintenance, and it didn't even close down during the two world wars

in September of that year, a company called Midwest paper group bought the factory around its industrial advantages and characteristic fields. Considering the carton industry boom brought by online retailers, it decided to increase equipment, change its main product to cardboard and continue to operate

it is reported that in the past five years, e-commerce has been booming, and manufacturers need to deliver a large number of cartons, driving the demand for billions of square feet of cardboard

by 2018, China had implemented an import ban on "foreign waste", which made household waste recycling plans across the United States messy, forcing some communities to bury or incinerate the originally recycled waste, but it was good for American paper companies. They now obtain a large number of second-hand cardboard that was originally exported to China, and the price of this key raw material is 70% cheaper than a year ago

strick, an employee who has worked in Weizhou paper mill for more than 40 years, said, "the future is the world of cardboard."

strick was laid off in 2017, and now he has returned to the original factory as a maintenance supervisor. His father and grandfather worked in the factory. Now, half of the 600 employees who were laid off when the factory was shut down have been rehired. Although the welfare reduction and insufficient posts have forced many people to hold several positions during the tensile testing process of the tensile testing machine, even the trade union would rather give in than see the paper mill shut down

pitzstick, President of Midwest Paper Group, said, "now if the paper mill is closed, no one will be shocked", "But what is shocking is that off 4.2.6 strain extensometer and accessories ★ 1) static accuracy: no more than 0.5% of the indicated value; ★ 2) dynamic accuracy: no more than 1% of the indicated value; 3) gauge length: 25mm; 4) it is an ideal excellent material for high-temperature areas of high-performance turbine engines. Strain limitations: 10% closed paper mills are operating again"

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