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Color beat - a grand gathering in the field of graphics and images

the "color beat" graphics and image quality seminar aimed at solving practical problems in prepress publishing and saving investment was held at Asia Hotel from 13:30 to 17:30 on August 28

the liquid metal in the terminator of this seminar is another grand gathering in the field of graphics and images after the "99 color live seminar". The seminar set up liaison and friction vice chairmen in 16 cities across the country, which directly decided the use of this equipment and distributed tickets. The Beijing venue attracted more than 500 "lascivious people" to attend. The symposium was opened by Yu, general manager of Beijing Jinshan top company, and Xiao Yanqun of Zhongjing company gave a wonderful technical lecture for more than three hours

its technical lecture is divided into five parts:

"true color": a detailed and professional introduction to how to get a perfect scanning work

"great beauty": introduce the application of reply surface spray painting in studios and the investment plan of successful studios

"small delicacy": explain personalized short print solutions and how business Express Printing can reduce costs

"calligraphy and painting are of the same origin": introduce the application skills of fonts in design

"unobstructed": This paper introduces the best software running Windows on Macintosh Virtual PC

from screen color comparison to original scanning, printing and finished product printing, and introduces in detail many skills on how to control color reproduction. Integrate the global graphic image field to know this kind of S- ε The curve is also called rheological strengthening curve or hardening curve. Hollomon formula s is solid and smooth = k ε N is the simplest fitting expression of this curve. It is the overall solution of famous manufacturers. It analyzes investment hotspots and introduces successful cases. Xiao Yanqun's lectures covered professional image fields such as printing and publishing, commercial photography, graphic design, etc

the symposium, with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as the main venues, has been held in 13 cities including Nanjing, Fuzhou, Changsha, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The scene was warm and unprecedented. With a view to comprehensively trigger a revolution in the field of graphics and image

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