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Comparison and selection of blister packaging and body fitted packaging

blister, especially the expanded cover packaging of automotive material system, and body fitted packaging although they belong to the same type of packaging, they have their own advantages and disadvantages because of their slightly different packaging methods. After comparison, they can be selected according to their characteristics and packaging requirements

I. comparison between blister packaging and body fitted packaging

1. The common characteristics of blister packaging and body fitted packaging

(1) generally transparent packaging, almost all of the goods can be seen

(2) through the shape of the substrate and exquisite printing, the publicity effect of commodities can be enhanced

(3) through the design of the substrate, 7. Why is the pointer of the hydraulic universal material testing machine returning to zero bad? Packages can be hung and displayed in shopping malls and retail stores

(4) goods with many groups and parts can be packaged

(5) goods with complex shapes can also be packaged

(6) generally, the packaging cost is higher than other packaging methods

(7) labor cost and low packaging efficiency

(8) there are many entrusted packages. (foreign situation)

2. Different characteristics of blister and body fitted packaging

see table for different characteristics of blister and body fitted packaging

comparison of different characteristics of blister and body fitted packaging content blister packaging body fitted packaging 1. Packaging protection through appropriate selection of materials, it can have moisture resistance and gas resistance, and the vacuum packaging substrate has small holes, without gas resistance. 2. Packaging operability is easy to realize packaging automation, flow line production, but it needs to replace the mold that meets the goods, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to realize automation and assembly line production mainly for a small variety of goods, Low production efficiency. Because there is no need for molds, it is suitable for multi variety and small batch production. Goods with large and heavy packaging and complex shape have their own advantages. 3. Packaging costs. Packaging materials and packaging machinery are expensive, especially small batch packaging of large and heavy goods. The cost is high and blister packaging is relatively cheap, but the proportion of labor needs is high. Large batch production of small and light goods is more expensive than blister packaging. 4. The effectiveness and aesthetics of goods are good, because the substrate has small holes, and the aesthetics is slightly poor. 5. Convenience depends on the choice of material and structure, The packaged goods can be easily taken out without damaging the substrate. Second, the selection of blister packaging and body fitted packaging

the selection of blister packaging and body fitted packaging is mainly based on their different characteristics and selected in order according to certain principles:

(1) the protective principle of packaging. Because our purpose of packaging is to protect goods, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales. If the packaged goods are moldy, deliquescent, dehumidified, caked, rusted and other changes within the validity period, the selection of packages such as door panel integration module, roof window frame/batten, bumper, car luggage rack, car battery shell/bracket, car seat frame, gear box outer shell, car exterior mirror frame, car wiper support and so on is a failure. Generally, blister packaging is used for goods easy to damp and moldy

(2) the principle of convenience and efficiency of packaging operation. Blister packaging is relatively easy to realize the automatic assembly line production of packaging, so the labor intensity of workers is low and the production efficiency is high, but it is time-consuming and laborious to replace the mold when replacing products. It is difficult to realize the automatic assembly line of body fitted packaging, and the production efficiency is low, but the mold does not need to be replaced. Therefore, blister packaging is usually used for mass production of a single variety, such as the packaging of tablets, and body fitted packaging is more convenient for small batch production of multiple varieties

(3) the principle of minimizing packaging costs. The one-time investment cost of blister packaging is high, and the body fitting packaging requires more labor. If blister packaging is used for small batch packaging of large and heavy goods, the production cost is high, and body fitted packaging is used for large batch production of small and light goods, the cost is higher than blister packaging

(4) the principle of good aesthetics and convenient use of packaging. On the premise of ensuring that the goods do not deteriorate, the packaging is convenient and the cost is low, the packaging method with good aesthetics and convenient use should be selected as far as possible, which is conducive to sales

to sum up, blister packaging has outstanding advantages for the packaging of large quantities of drugs, food and small items. For example, the blister plastic cost of packaging 1000 ballpoint pens is 24% cheaper than the same amount of body fitted packaging plastic; On the contrary, the cost of body fitted packaging is much cheaper than blister packaging for some larger goods, such as kitchen utensils, hand tools, TV antennas, etc. For some goods with complex shapes or easily broken after shaking and wear, body fitted packaging is adopted, which is cheap and reliable. Because the body fitted packaging does not need a mold, and the plastic sheet can be firmly bound to the substrate after vacuum blistering, which is not easy to shake in the process of transportation and handling. In addition, because the substrate of body fitted packaging has small holes, its aesthetics and gas resistance are not as good as blister packaging

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