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Through the investigation and analysis of the current situation of uneven proportioning of piano string screen, the following two improvement schemes are proposed to be controlled by computer

1 scheme l

keep the existing 202 scraper stationary, carry out technical transformation on the feeding circulation link of 202 scraper, transform it into a underpants chute, and add a section of belt conveyor above the stop of 202 scraper at the same time, divide the feeding into two strands, one strand into the original feeding port, and the other strand of coal flows into the distribution plug of 207, and here it is designed into the style of 204 (divided into upper and lower plug plates), forming the "l231" mode, That is, "one scraper, two feeding ports are in charge of three string sieves, and three sieves are responsible for one bin". In this way, it not only ensures that the ingredients of the six sieves are uniform, but also effectively reduces the frequent floating caused by large feeding volume and incorrect installation. According to the feedback chain and chain jumping of the manufacturer, kostron also adopts PU foam to insulate the battery failure, achieving the effect of high efficiency, uniformity and energy saving

this scheme has many advantages, but it is greatly limited by space, and the cost and difficulty of transformation are large

2 scheme 2

the existing scraper and weir cylinder remain unchanged. For the scraper machine, basically every other city has our machine material distribution and inserting plate material distribution method to carry out technical upgrading and transformation. The original "manual hammering method" and "screw rod method" are changed into "mechanical control method", which mainly uses the electric drive device with reciprocating electric push rod to drive the material distribution and inserting plate to move together, reducing the adjustment labor intensity, Improve the opening activity, timely and accurately control the size of the coal flow at the dividing port, so as to achieve the purpose of fast and simple

3 implementation and effect of the scheme

after demonstrating the feasibility of the above two schemes in terms of economy and implementation difficulty, it is considered that scheme 2 can basically meet the control needs under the existing conditions by optimizing the opening and closing mode of the distributing plug plate. Dd300-50 electric pusher is selected to transform the feeding inserting plates of 204, 205 and 206 string sieves (the transformed electric inserting plates are called J in Figure 7). The parameters of the three electric pushers are:

linear stroke: 500 mm

pushing force: 300 K9

speed: 84 mm/S

motor power: 550 W

overall length: 1.5 m

in addition, the automatic overload protection device in the electric push rod is also technically improved, and the limit protection is changed to the limit limit switch on the push rod and the base. When the push rod stroke reaches the limit position, the push rod will automatically cut off the power supply to protect the motor and other components from damage, and will not affect the opening and closing function of the normal stroke range

o is required to adjust the primary board inserting instrument after transformation_ In 3 seconds, three sets are less than 1 second, which improves the work efficiency by nearly 100 times. For the convenience of operation and control of sub post drivers, three electric push rods are installed beside the slot box of 202 scraper, which is convenient for the driver to comprehensively control and save control time

after the transformation, the electric plug-in board has compact structure, high working efficiency and high safety coefficient, and completely replaces the original backward control mode of the sub, which can not only achieve the purpose of installing the sub, high efficiency, labor-saving and durable, but also effectively control the surface and screening quality

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