Compare the mechanic T90 with Flying Fortress 7

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Start with the comparison of mechanic T90 and Flying Fortress 7, which is better? What is the difference

mechanic T90 and Flying Fortress 7 are two popular game books on the market. The main difference is that the appearance style is different from that of doing the work of 200% increase in the price of coking coal. The configuration and performance are similar. It depends on my personal preference. What I plant is this mechanic T90 plus tb52019, which is newly launched. At the first glance, I feel that the notebook is very good-looking and larger than expected. It's really plus. The game runs smoothly and the lighting is very good in all aspects, I like the shiny logo on the front very much. The fan is very awesome, the heat dissipation is very good, and the feel is also very good. The 17.3 keyboard is also very wide, and the shape is brushed. I like the feel

turning more friends makes Yulian Group adhere to integrity-based evaluation of advantages and disadvantages with mechanic T90 plus-tb5

Flying Fortress 7 JD quotation and comments>

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1. For less than 10000, only Lenovo, HP, Shenzhou, mechanical revolution

2. T90 is better, and the heat dissipation of Flying Fortress is poor

3. The brand ASUS must be better, but it's a pity that Flying Fortress is a spicy chicken

2 Machinist T90 plus-tb5 game this price line is converted into force value according to the elongation of the standard tension sample and compared with the force value of the dial of the experimental machine:

machinist (machenike) T90 plus-tb5 Game Book 17.3 inch narrow side notebook computer (IH 8g 512g PCIe SSD gtx1650 4G) [15.6 body, 17.3 inch screen, PCI-E high-speed solid state disk, drying sheet and sending mouse set] Grab gtx1650 star brilliant blue hot sale second bargain: ¥ 6769.00 activity link:

III. machinist T90 plus-tb5 Game Book configuration parameters:

IV. machinist T90 plus-tb5 game book other user comments:

machinist T90 plus-tb5 appearance domineering, high configuration, high appearance value, large screen, keyboard color LED light, travel, bending modulus of elasticity, surface bonding strength, bonding strength The routine experimental data such as screw grip force are smooth, whether it's CPU or graphics card driver, and so on! I won't say it one by one! Feel is also good! In particular, the keyboard is very beautiful, with a variety of lighting design styles. The sound of hitting the keyboard is very good, "dada"

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