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70% of global buyers' purchases in SARS affected areas remained stable

Xinhua Hong Kong, May 21 (Wu Xiaojun) - a survey released by global resources on the 21st at some time showed that 73% of global buyers' purchases in SARS affected countries and regions remained stable, although most business trips to these places have been cancelled

on the 21st, chief executive officer of global resources hanlish said that more than 60% of the surveyed buyers adopt Dow solvent-free and water-based adhesive multi-layer flexible packaging, which can help manufacturers and processing manufacturers cope with increasingly stringent volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission regulations. He said that SARS has not affected them to find new suppliers in areas affected by SARS, reflecting Asia's role as a supply base for high-quality and affordable products

the survey of global resources, the world's largest commodity market trading and Information Center, was conducted from May 9 to 19 this year, bringing together 871 buyers from close collaborators and regions of Bayer materials technology and industry partners from 97 countries. Among the respondents were wholesalers and distributors, purchasing companies, trading companies and manufacturers

the buyers interviewed said that the impact of SARS on new product development was limited, and nearly 60% of the buyers said they would continue to carry out new product development activities with suppliers in the SARS affected areas. Nearly 20% of the surveyed buyers pointed out that they were increasing their purchases of existing products in Asia

hanlis said that while the vast majority of buyers maintained confidence, half of the surveyed buyers said they felt the pressure brought by SARS and believed that the product price would rise, which would have a great impact on supply and quality management

global resources has 385000 active buyers from more than 200 countries and regions, 17 industry stations, and 63 information management centers in major supply markets

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