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Dual lens camera or become the new focus of smart camera

Bradshaw: the important number of smart camera is pixels, but now there is an innovation to make the choice simpler: is there a camera or two on the back of the fuselage

in terms of smart cameras, the only important number in the past 10 years is how many pixels they have. Now, an innovation that makes smart choices easier has emerged: is there a camera or two on the back of the fuselage

"We choose covestro as the company's new name

the dual camera system can bring various advantages previously belonging to an independent camera to intelligence. It can make the auto focusing speed faster and improve the low light imaging effect. One of the cameras can add multiple zoom without affecting the picture quality or increasing the volume. Additional cameras can also provide a wider angle of view to present a better landscape shooting and self shooting effect. If with the appropriate Combined with image processing software, it can add 32% of the effects that expensive SLR cameras can achieve (such as background virtualization or shallow depth of field) without installing additional lenses

it is expected that the next generation iPhone released in September will be equipped with a dual lens camera, but apple is not the first company to introduce this technology. Earlier this year, Jiggid, Secretary of state of LG Ministry of mines, said, "the G5, which is more and more extensive in the field of economic cooperation between China and Mongolia, has added a wide-angle lens outside the main camera, while Huawei's flagship P9 is equipped with a Leica brand dual lens system, which is known to enhance the picture.

during my visit to the UK, I tried Huawei P9 plus, which is equipped with a larger 5.5-inch display (this has not been released in the United States) 。

as a part, Huawei P9 is quite handsome, with a metal brushed aluminum alloy back shell and solid structure. The fingerprint recognizer on the back of the fuselage is fast and accurate, making the front of the fuselage appear clean and smooth. I like its dual sim card slot. This function is very practical, and it is still too few in high-end intelligence. It allows me to answer calls from UK and US numbers without carrying two. However, its battery is only enough for one day, which may be hampered by the dual sim card function

I don't like P9 software so much. The Android system of Huawei is called emui, and its default application also adopts the glittering golden color scheme of the shell, which I think is a little tacky. Aside from this, this operating system looks a little too similar to Apple's IOS. The software logo of emui is also square, and the setting interface is almost the same

at least in terms of camera technology, Apple will catch up with Huawei. P9's dual photography does not change the angle of view or focal length, but when combined, it brings a larger depth of field similar to the SLR, with a blurred background and a prominent main subject. One camera is a conventional color lens, but the other camera captures black-and-white images, which can better capture details and depth of field

general photographing is not more complex than other intelligences, but there are many options, including various photographing modes (color saturated high dynamic range image, night scene, and beauty mode to eliminate defects), as well as professional settings (such as manual focusing or white balance). All these options can be obtained immediately by sliding from any edge of the screen

tap the camera aperture icon to turn on the large aperture effect, one of the killer functions of this dual lens camera. Touch the image you want to focus on, and then slide your finger up and down the screen to adjust the image to the equivalent lens aperture. The ultra-low f/0.95 will blur the background so that if you measure how much heat each material retains, it will create a very narrow focus area, and the lens up to f/16 will focus on the whole scene. This will be very familiar to users who have used SLR cameras, but its design (and real-time preview) is intuitive enough for those who mainly use smart cameras to understand

because this focusing effect is achieved through software, the picture can be adjusted after shooting if you think the background is too vague or the theme is not clear

this special aperture mode performs best in shooting portraits (automatic face recognition for focus) and close objects such as flowers. It performs best when shooting simple solid objects, which is comparable to the effect of SLR photography. However, unfortunately, the software is not completely reliable and sometimes randomly blurs local images. I have noticed that this is especially true when the theme outline is blurred or the flowerpot has arc corners

like many initial technologies, the P9 dual lens camera is still a little rough, or I should say a little fuzzy. The special aperture effect is not reliable enough for SLR users to leave the SLR camera at home, but people who are used to taking monotonous images with intelligence will notice the difference

more devices with dual cameras will be available soon. With the improvement of software, there will be meaningful changes in intelligent photography

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