The hottest duck paint helped Jindong chemical win

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"Big mouth duck" paint helped Jindong chemical win a good start in 2011

compared with domestic supporting testing: falling weight impact test coating peer enterprises are keen on low-level price scuffle, big mouth duck paint chose "service marketing" as a breakthrough to build a new brand image of the enterprise, which won the unanimous favor of dealers and consumers, and successfully achieved a good start in the paint and coating market in 2011

it was learned that although the paint and coating market was in the off-season before and after the Spring Festival, the market performance of big mouth duck paint was very strong, and it gained a lot in all major regional markets across the country. According to the Foshan production base of Dazui duck paint, just after the lunar new year, all the production lines of Dazui duck in many domestic production bases are working overtime, and the offline products are directly sent to all parts of the country after packaging

"'service marketing 'will be one of the work focuses of Dazui duck paint in 2011. In addition to building a general platform of' unified standardization ', Dazui duck paint also embodies the concept of' service camp helping the development and marketing of the plastic industry 'to all levels of enterprise management, that is, starting from the source of product design, production, quality control, and extending to the end of market consumption." President Ding of Jindong Chemical Co., Ltd., the general distributor of Dazui duck paint, said, "whether using external release agent or internal release agent, the business positioning of Dazui duck paint is to" make healthy paint "," improve brand "and" serve the public ". Its purpose is to improve customer service satisfaction and realize the transformation from 'selling products' to' selling services'

it is understood that the service marketing of big mouth duck paint is not only to make consumers trust big mouth duck service through high-quality paint products and services, but also to create a common interest with paint agents. That is, a new paint and coating manufacturer relationship that comprehensively advocates "the dealer nanny plan to help customers expand the market and promote the common growth of manufacturers" has made "big mouth duck" become a brand of paint and coating to compete for distribution

in this regard, big mouth duck paint has publicly said on different occasions: "big mouth duck dealers don't make money, it's ours." This sentence also increased the confidence of domestic paint agents and dealers, and many dealers have chosen to join the big mouth duck family. The marketing network of big mouth duck paint has been rapidly spread across the country, and the rapid growth rate and large growth rate of its marketing network are rare in the industry

industry and economics analysts believe that after coatings are sold to the countryside as building materials, rural areas, as the largest sales market in China, will inevitably cause new sales space competition. As a designated supplier of the United Nations, duck lacquer will launch a new round of CCTV advertising strategy in 2011 to compete in all aspects of brand, products and services

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