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"720000" products witnessing the development of Shenyang substation technology

720000 "products witnessing the development of Shenyang substation technology

in mid February, TBEA Shenyang substation group successfully launched one of the two 720000 KVA three-phase integrated 500 kV generator main transformers produced for Fujian Kemen thermal power plant. As the birthplace of China's first 720000 products, the 720000 products produced by Shenyang substation this time are in structure The performance is improved by about L12 orders of magnitude compared with the products previously produced. The successful manufacture of this product has witnessed the technological development process of Shen Bian from one side

in 2001, the 720000 transformer produced by Shenyang substation for Guangzhou Shajiao C power plant was the first 720000 capacity transformer in China with good heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance and chemistry, and it was also the largest 500 kV Transformer in China at that time. In September, 2004, Shenyang substation was installed in phase I 2 of Fujian Kemen power plant × In the bidding for 600MW units, we won the bid again for two 720000 products with excellent cost performance. In the product design, relying on the national enterprise technology center, the technicians of Shenyang substation fully excavated the technical accumulation, and took a number of innovative designs to optimize the product structure in view of the technical difficulties of large product capacity and low loss, so that the product was smaller, lighter and better in performance than the first 720000 main transformer in China. The product was specially subjected to a strict temperature rise test for more than 36 hours before leaving the factory, and there was no overheating, which fully verified the technical reliability of the product

it is reported that compared with the current 600000 domestic power plants, which made the production capacity of Guoliang copper high conductivity and corrosion-resistant copper alloy functional new materials reach 20000 tons by the end of 2017, the three-phase transformer group with three single-phase 240000 products is generally used. Using the three-phase integrated 720000 products as the main transformer of the power plant generator can reduce the land occupation by nearly half, reduce the total loss by more than 10%, and reduce the cost by about 30%. If the surface roughness is poor, it is not easy to deal with, and the maintenance is simpler, Higher security

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