76 production lines of 48 paper-making enterprises

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76 production lines of 48 paper-making enterprises in Fuyang were shut down

the following problems of Zhejiang Fuyang paper industry: pollution has always affected the water safety of Qiantang River. Hangzhou municipal government and Fuyang local government have decided to renovate the paper industry. It was learned that in the first half of this year, Fuyang City will shut down 76 papermaking production lines of 48 Enterprises in the fixture to avoid sample slippage and fracture, taking another step in the adjustment of industrial structure

in February last year, in view of the prominent problem of structural pollution, Fuyang City proposed to promote the goal of "supporting the big and supporting the excellent, limiting the small and eliminating the bad, gathering development and total amount control" of paper-making structure adjustment within three years, and made it clear that all paper-making enterprises with an annual output of less than 10000 tons of white paper and less than 2000 tons of thin paper will be shut down in two years. To this end, Fuyang City has set up a special leading group to formulate preferential policies and include the elimination and shutdown of small paper-making enterprises in the year-end comprehensive assessment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government

by the end of June, the elimination and shutdown of small paper-making enterprises in Fuyang City had been completed half a year ahead of schedule. Fuyang city also provides subsidies and rewards to paper-making enterprises by "replacing subsidies with awards", and distinguishes grades and amounts according to the scale and output of enterprises, the model of paper machines, and the sequence of active shutdown. The government has successively invested 20million yuan for the elimination and shutdown of small paper mills. The closure of 76 production lines of 48 enterprises will reduce the discharge of wastewater by 32.4 million tons, which will pollute the Qiantang River basin to some extent

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