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Interview with Duan Yongji: the transformation experience of stone

Duan Yongji, the commander of stone, who has been very low-key in recent years, has once again become the focus of the media because he spent 1.2 billion yuan to "integrate" another business celebrity Shi Yuzhu. Especially recently, we have been caught up in all kinds of rumors. Recently, this newspaper conducted an exclusive interview with this shopping mall veteran

the acquisition of Shi Yuzhu is comparable to the acquisition of Dell

: someone said: you spend 1.2 billion yuan to purchase sunset health products, which is somewhat worthless. What do you think of this

Duan Yongji: let me simply answer the question of whether it is worth it: Shi Yuzhu, the marketing team, is equivalent to Dell in the field of health products in China. So, how much is Dell worth? Dell's computers are not made by itself, but are all processed by others. How is its computer better than IBM's, HP's, and even Lenovo's? It has a very successful marketing system and a new and unique marketing concept. So how much do you think Dell's marketing system is worth? Therefore, if you want to ask me whether it is worth it, I will ask: how much should it cost to buy a Dell company in the field of Chinese health products

: it is said that you once said: melatonin is nothing

duanyongji: indeed, I said in front of the media that melatonin is nothing in terms of its technical content. However, such a thing can sell so well, and it has lasted for six years, and it is still growing. The growth rate in December 2003 was more than 70% compared with that in 2002. Selling platinum at a real platinum price is not a skill; And selling something that is not platinum at platinum price is real kung fu

: the logical chain of your acquisition of Shi Yuzhu is clear and reasonable, but why does Shi Yuzhu want to sell? He is not short of money. If he is looking for a financing platform, he can go to Hong Kong to buy a clean shell

Duan Yongji: his advantages to me are: the strong sales system with 50000 sales agents in China, as well as the cash flow and profit contribution, can well support the performance of Hong Kong listed companies; My advantage to him is that the investment platform in Hong Kong needs people to operate. Shi Yuzhu doesn't need to rebuild this team anymore. My listed company in Hong Kong is a supplement to him

what is our relationship? We trust each other very much. He said, how many people can trust each other in society all his life? Very few. But he and I are one. If he finds someone by himself and establishes mutual trust, the construction of this credit system also needs cost. Not to mention anything else, at least the time cost is included

I have another great advantage for Shi Yuzhu, that is, I have R & D resources. Stone has many years of cooperation with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, the life science and technology center of the Ministry of science and technology, and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. The cooperation between the four links and the above-mentioned units is an investment, but it is not known and does not make money. Such investment has now become a rich resource. But this kind of investment is difficult to industrialize. Why? Because there is no sales system. And this kind of investment can provide products

however, more important than all mutual benefits is the integration between our two teams. The two teams are highly complementary. So our career development prospects are very good, which is really what people call "golden partner"

: people in the investment banking industry think you have a deep investment vision. I think you won't only focus on the cash flow of melatonin and gold partners, will you

duanyongji: in fact, the deep meaning of my cooperation with Shi Yuzhu has at least three aspects: first, from the perspective of the transformation of the four links, why does the four links do this? This is related to the general plan of the four links transformation. The second is about the development path of private enterprises in the new era. This is not only Shi Yuzhu's, but also our development path of the four links. We all need to rebuild. The third is that China has joined the WTO, and its transition period will soon end. China will enter a new stage of development in comparison with the tensile test. What are our thoughts at this time? Therefore, promoting cooperation is not a rush. We have been thinking about these three aspects for more than two years

: you often say that private enterprises need to unite. Is this a specific practice

Duan Yongji: Yes, Shi Yuzhu and I realize that the private economy has reached a new stage of development, that is, the stage of integration. You can see some clues from the development stage of American market economy. At the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, cartels and trusts appeared in the United States, which formed large enterprise groups. At this time, it is JPMorgan that plays a role. Otherwise, how can he be called the "father of American industry"? In the 30 years since 1800, he has done a lot of mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. American Railway, American steel, at & T, P & G, etc. are all organized with JPMorgan as the core

cartels and trusts appeared in the United States, which made the later multinational corporations and laid the foundation for multinational corporations. That is, when the market economy develops to a certain stage, tens of thousands of small companies will also produce camels and some large enterprise groups. Some large enterprise groups grow up spontaneously, but most of them rely on mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, under this idea, we organized the four-way giant light, which was two years ago. After the experiment, we can call up the experimental curve again. At that time, there were four families. Later, it was found that it was very difficult to integrate into one. Then, Shi Yuzhu and I will simply take the first step and merge into one company through strong capital ties. This kind of cooperation is of great benefit to Shi Yuzhu and me

: what is the specific direction and action

Duan Yongji: if the merger and acquisition is completed, more than 90% of the sales staff in our company will have a bachelor's degree or master's degree in this major. Shi Yuzhu is the CEO of Hong Kong stone holdings. But now we have a management committee, whose director is Shi Yuzhu. Now he has been investigating many projects

but now our merger and acquisition has not been summarized. The detailed introduction of the precautions for the purchase and use of horizontal tensile testing machine is finally completed. Once it is completed in the future, we will make some big moves

therefore, some people outside said, "Shi Yuzhu cashed out and ran away." This is nonsense! He has long said, "I can lend the money back to the company, carry out mergers and acquisitions, and support the development of the company." You see

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