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70% of the surveyed enterprises predict that export sales will increase in the second half of the year

A (1) survey report on more than 500 export enterprises released in Beijing on the 17th shows that compared with 12 months ago, export enterprises are more optimistic about the income from overseas orders, and more than 70% of the surveyed enterprises expect export sales to increase in the second half of this year

this survey was conducted by B2B media group global resources, which is committed to promoting the foreign trade of Chinese enterprises, for 503 export enterprises. These enterprises cover electronic products, communications, computer and security products, clothing and popular clothing accessories, gifts and gifts, auto parts and other industries. The respondents include sales, export managers and business owners

according to the survey, more than 70% of the surveyed enterprises expect export sales to increase in the second half of 2013. In contrast, similar surveys conducted in 2012 showed that high temperature resistant and anti-aging materials are considered to be the most promising technology, and only 59% of the respondents expect export earnings to increase between July and December 2012

in terms of industries, suppliers of consumer electronics, computers, communications and security products are the most optimistic, with 81% of companies expected to achieve higher sales; Suppliers in the toy and gift industry are relatively the least optimistic, with only 61% of the surveyed manufacturers predicting an increase in export sales in the coming months

emerging markets are the main reason why enterprises are optimistic about the export prospects in the second half of this year. According to peikewei, President of global resources enterprise affairs, South America, non EU countries and the Asia Pacific region will continue to provide a steady stream of business opportunities for Chinese enterprises. According to the survey, enterprises are paying more and more attention to non-traditional markets. 69% of enterprises expect to increase their shipments to emerging markets in the coming months, 14 percentage points higher than the forecast a year ago

however, this does not mean that Chinese enterprises no longer pay attention to the traditional market where orders continue to be weak; In fact, many enterprises said that Europe and the United States would still be the main export market in the second half of this year. Peikewei said. Enterprises are more optimistic about orders from the United States than the European Union. 35% of the surveyed enterprises regard Europe as the main export market at present, but only 21% regard it as the main target market in the second half of 2013. Relatively speaking, 27% and 37% of respondents regard the United States as the current and future target export market respectively

the survey also shows that although enterprises are optimistic about the prospects, they are still cautious. Nearly 60% of the surveyed enterprises expect that the growth of export earnings will not exceed 20%; More than one third of the enterprises surveyed said that export sales would fall - Wu Qiong (Technical Engineer) fell by 30%. In addition, rising production and labor costs are still the main problems faced by Chinese manufacturers, and nearly one third of the surveyed enterprises believe that this is the biggest challenge they face

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