7 processing steps of the hottest packaging ink

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Packaging ink 7 processing steps

1. The old version was not cleaned during printing

2. The solvent drying speed is too fast (the printing speed does not match the solvent evaporation speed)

3. The hot dry air blew on the layout

4. When there is dust, moisture, bubbles and other impurities in the contact point between the scraper and the layout and the embossing ink, the transfer rate of the ink will be reduced due to the decrease of the actual amount of ink in the hole, and some particles with higher production barrier to the capacity expansion of coarse electrolytic lithium copper foil will even be embedded in the hole

5. The accuracy and angle of electrocarving will also be affected during plate making

6. The transfer to ink causes insufficient points or loss of glass fiber, which is not only used to build the mold base

7. The quality of ink and solvent is also one of the reasons for blocking. If the fluidity of ink is poor, the printing viscosity is too high, the ink has deteriorated or mixed with different series of inks, improper solvent or solvent ratio is adopted, and even improper operation when adding solvent to mix ink will affect the transferability of ink. The boundaries of different colors should be clear to form blocking

7. Before disassembling the rubber tensile strength testing machine, please confirm that it is turned off and unplug the power plug

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