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Duer company built a green coating plant for BMW Brilliance

bitiheim bisingen, Germany, April 27, 2011 - duer company of Germany is building a green coating model plant for BMW Brilliance Automobile Co., Ltd. in Shenyang, China. The environmental friendly and sustainable automatic coating innovative technology provided by duer will be applied to the coating plant

for the coating plant in Shenyang, BMW Brilliance has a very clear goal, that is, to build the world's most second and third-party quality system audit pass rate of 100% environmental protection plant. As the general contractor, duer company has various resource-saving coating equipment and processes, and is undoubtedly the most ideal partner of the project

rodip M-type rotary dip coating equipment is used in pretreatment and electrophoresis processes. Since the car body can rotate, the inlet and outlet positions of the soaking tank no longer need to have inclined parts. This not only greatly saves space, but also reduces the consumption of energy and chemicals due to the smaller volume of the soaking tank

the adoption of fully automatic integrated paint process (IPP) is another highlight of the green characteristics of the coating plant, which abolishes the two processes of primer and corresponding drying. In addition, the spray room also adopts the ecodryscrubber dry separation system. Compared with the traditional wet separation, duer's innovative dry separation technology does not need water and any chemicals, so the process air in the spraying process can be recycled, which can save 60% energy. Finally, the saturated eco dry lime (a hazardous waste generated in the conventional production process) can be reused without any treatment. At present, the dry separation system of duer company has been applied to 40 coating lines on four continents, including the coating lines under construction

the spray system of the factory will use 32 ecorp E033 and ecorp l133 spray robots produced by duer company, which are equipped with the latest generation of ecobell 3 spray with higher spray performance. Due to the compact design and high flexibility of ecobell 3, the exterior and interior of the car body can be sprayed with the same rotary spray. Ecobell3 is connected with ecolcc color changer, which can provide an efficient, compact and easy-to-use application system for all painting. For customers, this means that the paint loss is minimized when painting color change, and the color change time is significantly reduced

in order to further achieve the purpose of environmental protection, the project adopts the hot wheel technology to recover heat from the heat source and waste gas. Even the waste heat released by the dryer during the extended continuous selection experiment can be recovered by the waste heat boiler. The exhaust gas in the clean spray room can be released only after it is purified and meets the requirements of relevant regulations. In addition, membrane technology is also used in pretreatment, electroplating dip coating and wastewater system, and the water purification consumption and wastewater discharge are also reduced accordingly

the design philosophy of duer company has created many favorable conditions for the green coating model factory: the overall structure of the factory is simple, the industrial building has no middle layer, and the cost is reasonable. At the same time, this concept matches with the three-dimensional warehouse of the multi-functional body stack, ensuring the optimization of material flow scheduling

in addition to its excellent performance in environmental protection, another success point of the project is that users can claim to have the most sustainable green coating plant in the world. BMW, which uses the new coating plant, requires less than 500 kwh of energy to paint each vehicle, which is one third of the consumption of a decade ago, setting a new standard for the same industry in terms of energy consumption

in addition, more effective communication, less maintenance, and an ergonomic working environment are all the worker friendly working environment standards emphasized by the coating plant. At the same time, BMW's high-level quality standards will be further guaranteed in this way

picture: ecodryscrubber, a dry separation system from duer, is applied to BMW plant in Regensburg, Germany, which can save more than 60% energy in the spray room

about duer company:

duer company is an international leading group company providing machinery and complete plant equipment. 80% of the company's sales are generated in the automotive industry. In addition, it has advanced products and environmental protection technologies in the aviation industry, mechanical engineering, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. The business market of duer group company is mainly divided into two parts: the coating and assembly system department provides coating technology and equipment, which is mainly used in the production of automobile bodies. The equipment and systems produced by the measurement and processing system department are used in the manufacturing of engines and transmission systems and automobile assembly, as well as in other fields. At present, duer has established 48 business sites in 21 countries around the world, with sales of 1.26 billion euros in 2010 and a total of about 5900 employees

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