The hottest dual key makes the use of credit cards

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The double key makes the use of credit cards more secure

NEC said on the 18th that the company has developed a more secure credit card authentication technology. B. regularly check the screw technique of the jaw part. The new technology is applicable to credit cards with IC (integrated circuit) chips, and prevent the leakage of personal information through store terminals through two decryption keys

usually it's just about words. In fact, many customers think so. Now let's decide the order of documents. When shopping with a credit card, the decryption key of the store terminal can be unlocked and read the personal information stored in the credit card in the form of encrypted data in September 2016. The terminal transmits the read information to the company issuing the credit card to authenticate the customer information. In this case, the terminal of the store will leave a record of personal information, which may cause personal information disclosure

the new technology requires that encrypted data be interpreted with two keys, which are in the hands of stores and credit card companies respectively. The information read by the store terminal key is only enough to confirm whether the cardholder is a member of a credit card company, and cannot read other personal data. The decryption key of the credit card company can unlock all the information, and then confirm whether the cardholder has the permission to use this credit card

NEC said that the new authentication technology has passed the computer security test, and the amount of data necessary for the new technology to process passwords can be reduced by about 10% compared with the original technology. This technology can also be used for personal information authentication of Heluo

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