72 people were hospitalized due to toxic gas leaka

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72 people were hospitalized due to toxic gas leakage from a chemical plant in Sri Lanka

a chemical plant in the region around the length of the capital of Sri Lanka occurred a chemical gas leakage on the 22nd, causing 42 factory employees and 30 nearby residents to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment

according to local media 23, the accident occurred in piriadala chemical plant in mapata area, about 20 kilometers southeast of Colombo, the capital. At present, an expert team from the Central Environmental Bureau of Sri Lanka and the local police have been involved in the investigation of the cause of the accident

according to an unnamed factory official, the accident occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on the 22nd. At that time, many factory employees felt dyspnea, and the factory leadership then decided to suspend factory operations

rubasinha, chairman of the Central Environment Bureau, said that this was most likely an accident. At present, the Bureau has begun a routine investigation of the factory to determine whether they meet the national environmental standards. At the same time, it announced the suspension of the company's environmental protection certificate and ordered it to stop production for rectification, pending the results of the investigation and handling opinions

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