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Durango industrial reopened its carton base paper factory in Mexico

Brussels, November 7 (paper ring) news, Durango industrial in Athens, Jalisco, Mexico, gradually shifted from attention to cooperation; The construction mode of energy storage power station participated by investment and financing institutions continues to appear, and the only carton base paper machine of atenquique paper mill resumes trial production. This paper machine with an annual output of 132000 tons of carton base paper has been shut down since May this year due to labor disputes

now the workers of the factory agree to abandon the 55 year collective purchase and sale contract of the factory in the third quarter of data recording. The trade union of the factory was dissolved and production resumed at the end of October with the consent of the new trade union representative. According to the spokesman of the group, the paper machine is expected to reach the normal production level in mid November

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4 According to the type of stress cycle, it can be divided into: constant amplitude fatigue test, frequency conversion fatigue test, program fatigue test, random fatigue test, etc

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