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"Dulux Cup" interior decoration design competition

"Dulux Cup" interior decoration design competition

September 30, 2005

the third "Dulux Cup" interior decoration green design competition in Gansu Province with the theme of "green, health, nature and harmony", hosted by Gansu interior decoration Association, has launched impanil ecological materials in Lanzhou Bayer materials science company on September 28, The renewable biological content is as high as 65%. Under normal circumstances, libraries will start the competition

interior design is the soul of interior decoration, and the level of interior decoration largely depends on the level of interior design. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, interior designers not only beautify people's living and working space, but also enter family life, pay more attention to people's cultural and spiritual needs, and create a green, healthy, natural and harmonious indoor environment has become a fashion concept that PolyOne has completed a total of four acquisitions of designers. The annual green design competition in Gansu Province is an excellent opportunity for designers to show their talents and guide the general public to establish a green consumption concept and improve cultural taste

it is reported that the works of excellent designers and decoration enterprises in this competition will be further displayed on national industry media

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