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Dubai tests unmanned "flying": it is expected to be the world's first unmanned aerial vehicle passenger carrying service

according to Reuters, on September 26, Beijing time, on Monday, local time, volocopter, the unmanned aerial vehicle development company of the 8th China International Automotive Lightweight plastics and innovative materials development forum, Germany, conducted a passenger carrying unmanned aerial vehicle flight test in Dubai, UAE. This ambitious drone passenger service plan of the United Arab Emirates aims to make Dubai the first city in the world to launch driverless "flying" services, so as to ensure that the United Arab Emirates continues to lead innovation in the Arab world

this pilotless "flying" aircraft developed by volocopter, a German drone company, is similar to a small two seater helicopter cabin in appearance. There is a large ring structure on the top of the cabin with 18 propellers. At the celebration ceremony for crown prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed of Dubai, the unmanned "flying" aircraft launched its first test

it is reported that this unmanned "flying" does not use a remote control to guide the flight, and the flight time can be up to 30 minutes. In case of sudden failure, it can start a number of fault protection measures in an emergency: backup battery, rotor, etc; Even in the worst case, several parachutes on the plane will automatically open to prevent the fuselage from crashing

in the European and American markets, there are currently more than 10 well funded UAV manufacturers directly competing with volocopte Table 2 mechanical properties mpar. In the development of innovative urban transportation tools, for example, to provide a cross cutting transportation tool with the functions of unmanned electric vehicle, short distance flight and vertical takeoff and landing, each company has its own scientific fantasy. Among them, the aviation giant Airbus aims to develop a "flying" car with automatic driving and put it on the air market by 2020; Kitty Hawk, invested by Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, and Uber are working together with partners to realize their own flying taxi strategy

florian, CEO of volocopter, said, "what else do you need to do when volocopter's unmanned 'fly'? Nothing more than: After's' is launched on the market, you can book services through an app on your own intelligence, and volocopter's unmanned 'fly' will fly to your side, automatically pick you up and pick you up to your destination."

"this aircraft has been able to fly according to the GPS track, fully realizing the perceptual control and being able to deal with unknown obstacles." He added that he said the developers planned to launch this unmanned "flying" service within five years

the United Arab Emirates is deeply involved in war and armed conflict, but the country tries to distinguish itself by introducing high-tech products and launching forward-looking social services. The United Arab Emirates plans to launch an unmanned probe to Mars in 2021, which is the first space launch mission of Arab countries. Dubai, in particular, is at the forefront of the United Arab Emirates in the introduction of high-tech products and services. Compared with this, the city has introduced the first driverless subway and robot police prototype products

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