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National Bank of Dubai chose AWS to deploy AI based services for customers

Hunan Shanshan, Ningbo rongbai A batch of leading enterprises such as beiteri also have a positive material capacity of 100000 tons under construction or planned construction. According to the news on June 3 (compilation/old Qin), National Bank of Dubai (Emirates NBD) in the United Arab Emirates chose Amazon network service (AWS) to use its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning services to develop a personalized banking experience for retail customers

as part of this work, Emirates NBD will utilize the company's machine learning capabilities, data analysis, IOT, natural language processing (NLP) and other advanced technologies

because of its extensive and in-depth cloud service products and its high security, Emirates NBD is cooperating with AWS. The Middle East based banking group also chose AWS as the preferred provider of machine learning workloads

through this cooperation, the banking group will deploy Amazon sagemaker, a machine learning service, to build, train and deploy machine learning models to provide retail customers with real-time banking experience

suvo Sarkar, senior executive vice president of Emirates NBD and head of retail banking and wealth management group, said: our vision is to become the most innovative financial services institution in the Middle East. To achieve this goal, we choose to cooperate with the world's most innovative technology companies, Amazon network services - AWS, Amazon Web services

emirates NBD and Amazon share innovative and customer-centric values. We look forward to using AWS' technology and innovative practices to provide easier and more intuitive banking services for our customers who have been adopted by many industrial and civil sectors

the bank will also use Amazon personalize, a machine learning service, to develop personalized recommendations to launch new personalized retail banking applications

as part of call center automation, the service will also use natural language processing technology to interact with customers. To support this work, the bank will use Amazon Polly, a service that uses deep learning technology, to convert written content into human like voice in automated call centers to enhance customer interaction

the bank is also exploring ways to provide services to its branch customers through security certification using AWS' image recognition and IOT solutions. Andy Isherwood, general manager of Amazon network services EMEA, said: in every industry, companies begin to use machine learning meaningfully in their business. AWS provides the broadest combination of machine learning services for decorating various matt or high gloss surfaces, helping them solve some of their biggest challenges. It's good to see how these technologies can help transform the financial services industry in the Middle East and around the world

emirates NBD is one of the most valuable and innovative financial institutions in the Middle East. We look forward to continuing to support them as they begin to change the way they provide services to retail banking customers and build their organization into a future bank

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