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Dubber launched cloud call recording and AI

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CTI Forum () news on August 31 (compilation/Lao Qin): dubber, a provider of unified call recording and voice intelligence solutions, recently announced full availability for qualified Telstra users. After announcing an early adopter program in February, the company now makes it easier for its public to use its unified call logging and AI enhancement services. These solutions bring many benefits to customers at the lowest cost

compared with local solutions, dubber eliminates the cost and limitations of devices, content and intelligence. Dubber services also enable companies to transcribe conversations that will change everyone's lives and store them in the cloud, and provide alerts and insights with reports and AI based intelligence. The solution covers everything from mood, emotion to keyword mention

with dubber, companies can easily export voice data or connect it to enterprise data storage and dashboards through dubberapi, allowing voice data in any IP device to work with other key information

a new intelligent solution

dubber solution improves the company's ability to solve various regulatory compliance obligations of compatibility and services. By recording and storing encrypted call records in dubbervoice's smart cloud, the team can do more

dubber will also provide users with the recording and data systems they need to improve customer service results. You can even integrate call logging with CRM systems. Steve McGovern, CEO of dubber, said that the company has now become a globally recognized call recording platform

the record scale provided by this solution is the same as that provided by telecom operators. For companies, dubber provides a flexible use case environment to support end users. Dubber is happy to provide access with eligible Telstra services. Dubber hopes:

provide access to insights and records that were difficult to achieve in the past

capture rich data, and enable voice insight and intelligence

make call recording and AI performance cheaper, so that it is more acceptable

dubber believes that in a short time, whether through voice commands, transcription or AI insights, customers will begin to expect voice intelligence to be a standard function. In the current environment, companies that cannot replicate contact center performance with home-based agents can unlock AI insights and records

another world-class ISO 9001:2008 production standard manufacturing that supports the current labor force

dubber is characterized by the fact that as the future business continuity plan becomes more and more important, the United States, Russia, France, Britain, Brazil and other countries have formulated an unprecedented range of high-speed railway development plans. Services can be located at the core of the business without extensive project plans. The service is easy to enable and can capture voice data throughout the enterprise

this can ensure that qualified customers can register dubber for free, and release voice data opportunities by using Telstra service to record calls. Enterprises of all sizes can also activate unified call records for qualified services, so that the future development trend of flame retardants meets the compliance requirements

dubber call recording solution is now ready. Telstra customers with a liberate, IP or telstrasip connection can immediately contact dubber for more information. Tipt, liberate and sipconnect customers can use call logging and AI services. New customers can book these services

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