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Luqiao won the title of "capital of plant protection and cleaning machinery in China"

Yongkang's hardware and Ningbo's clothing are famous all over the country, which is the influence of regional brands. The regional brand of road and bridge is plant protection and cleaning machinery. Yesterday, it was learned from the road and Bridge Quality Supervision Bureau that at the recent international exhibition of China's modern agricultural equipment, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association officially announced that the road and Bridge District was awarded the title of "capital of China's plant protection and cleaning machinery"

it is understood that Luqiao is one of the origins of the new generation of plant protection and cleaning machinery in China. As early as 1972, Peng Street Town in Luqiao district had "fiddled" a new generation of spray. In the 80s of last century, Luqiao spray machine and spare parts accounted for 60% of the national market, and enjoyed the reputation of "spray kingdom". Since the 1990s, with the development and utilization of plunger pumps, road and Bridge cleaning machines have gradually developed and expanded. Plant protection and cleaning enterprises around the road and bridge have sprung up like mushrooms. Up to now, there are more than 60 complete machine manufacturers and nearly 300 parts processing manufacturers in the whole road and bridge, with an annual total output value of 11 billion yuan

at present, Reeve said: people do not want to remove these ancient bridge plant protection and cleaning machinery with a long history and convenient use. As one of the key industries in the road and bridge area, it occupies an important share in the international and domestic markets. All kinds of plant protection machinery products account for 35% of the total sales of the country, of which manual spray production reaches 40% of the total output of the country, and the export value reaches 40% of the total domestic export. The products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Luqiao district has become the main production base of plant protection and cleaning machinery in China. p>

"last August, Luqiao District plant protection and Cleaning Machinery Association officially submitted an application to China Machinery Industry Federation. Over the past year, the Federation of machinery industry has conducted rigorous tests on the sprayers in Luqiao from various aspects such as industrial scale, product quality, technological capability and brand building. In July this year, a vice chairman led assessment team was sent to Luqiao to visit enterprises and conduct field tests. Finally, it is determined that the road and bridge plant protection and cleaning machinery industry has formed a large-scale industrial cluster, has strong competitiveness and influence in the domestic and international market, has good industrial development prospects, and has all the conditions of the capital of plant protection and cleaning machinery in China

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