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Luoyang will build the largest high-end petrochemical industry base in central and Western China

recently, our city issued the implementation plan for building a modern industrial system and promoting the development of high-end petrochemical industry (hereinafter referred to as the plan). The relevant person in charge of the municipal development and Reform Commission said that in accordance with the general idea of expanding the scale, extending the chain, improving the process and gathering development, the city will take the 18 million T/a oil refining capacity expansion and transformation project of Sinopec Luoyang Branch (hereinafter referred to as Luoyang Petrochemical) as the leader, and promote the continuous development of petrochemical industry to scale, serialization and refinement through chain extension and chain supplement; Support and expand the fine chemical industry and fluorosilicone organic material industry, and improve the added value of the industry; Focus on introducing chemical fiber textile industry and cultivating new economic growth points

by 2020, the main business income will exceed 140 billion yuan

at present, the high-end petrochemical industry in our city has 210 enterprises above Designated Size and acted several times. It has become one of the larger Petrochemical bases in the central region. Our city has a number of scientific research institutes such as Sinopec Luoyang engineering company and liming Chemical Research Institute, and its scientific and technological R & D capacity is in the forefront of China

the plan proposes that by 2020, the petrochemical industry at the high hydraulic and stable end of our city will realize a main business income of more than 140 billion yuan, form the largest high-end petrochemical industry base in the central and western regions with integrated upstream and downstream, complete industrial chain and core competitiveness, and cultivate no less than 30 petrochemical enterprises with a main business income of more than 1 billion yuan

adhere to the four development principles to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry

according to the foundation and advantages of the city's high-end petrochemical industry, the plan puts forward four development principles:

- the principle of local transformation of resources

reasonably allocate local resources according to the requirements of upstream and downstream connection and industrial chain matching, give priority to the completion of the regional petrochemical industry chain, and on the basis of ensuring the supply of gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other primary petrochemical products, Vigorously develop high-end petrochemical products with high added value and good market prospects, and strive to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of our petrochemical industry

- principle of scientific and technological innovation

relying on scientific research institutes and colleges and universities such as Sinopec Luoyang engineering company, liming Chemical Research Institute and Henan University of science and technology, the top scientific research institutions and colleges at home and abroad cooperate with chemical enterprises in our city to build R & D platforms, strengthen the R & D and application of key technologies and cutting-edge products, and strive to build a commanding height of science and technology

- principle of agglomeration development

take the backbone enterprises as the leader, take the industrial agglomeration area as the platform, make scientific planning and rational layout, and actively introduce affiliated enterprises. The recent global certification of the Construction Research Institute (BRE) has proved this. Strengthen the industrial supporting, form the scale effect, and enhance the endogenous driving force and external risk resistance of the industrial development

- principle of strategic cooperation

further promote the strategic cooperation between chemical enterprises in our city and large national and provincial enterprises such as Sinopec Group, China chemical industry group and Henan energy and chemical industry group, and promote the combination of strong and strong enterprises. At the same time, relying on the advantages of upstream resources, actively undertake the transfer of fine chemicals, chemical fiber and textile industries in the southeast coastal areas, and constantly cultivate new economic growth points

support the construction of major projects and accelerate the process of industrial parks

the plan also defines the next key work of the city's high-end petrochemical industry:

fully support the construction of major projects such as Luoyang Petrochemical's 18 million ton/year oil refining capacity expansion and transformation project. Relevant departments directly under the municipal government and relevant county (District) governments should make every effort to provide supporting services to provide resource guarantee for the city to build the largest high-end petrochemical industry base in the central and western regions

accelerate the process of industrial parks, and establish a national chemical park of "three integration" of petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry and salt chemical industry with Luoyang Petrochemical Industry Cluster as the center. Make overall plans for the construction of public facilities such as heating, pollution control and water supply, and promote the high-end development of chemical industry in our city

accelerate the construction of undertaking platforms for key cultivation industries such as chemical fiber textile and fluorine chemical industry to ensure the healthy and continuous development of the industry. According to the industrial layout, Luoyang Petrochemical industry cluster mainly develops petrochemical industry and fine chemical industry, and actively cultivates characteristic industries such as fluorosilicone organic materials; Huayang Industrial cluster area of Mengjin County has done a good job in undertaking the downstream industries of Luoyang Petrochemical, mainly developing chemical fiber textile and fine chemical industry; Relying on its own resource advantages, Songxian industrial agglomeration zone vigorously develops the intensive processing of fluorine chemical products

vigorously promote investment attraction and accelerate the cultivation of local enterprises. Formulate the investment attraction map of the city's chemical industry, focus on the weak and missing links of the industrial chain, target the key enterprises and leading enterprises in key fields such as international and domestic fine chemicals, new chemical materials and supporting downstream applications, and concentrate investment attraction resources and forces to carry out key investment attraction

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