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Lucky: the digital printing plate production line was completed and put into operation

in April, Nanyang in the Central Plains was in full bloom and sunny. Balloons were flying in the Huaguang Industrial Park of lucky group's second film factory, colorful flags were fluttering and drums were singing. Standing on the tall marble tablet in front of the Huaguang digital plate production line, the inverted metallographic microscope is a high-precision optical instrument. The four red characters of the light of China shine in the sunshine. A bright red carpet welcomed guests and friends from all over the country into the main venue of the commissioning ceremony of the newly put into operation Huaguang digital plate production line

April 30 is an unusual day. It is the second anniversary of General Secretary Hu Jintao's inspection of the second film factory of lucky group. The digital printing plate production line, which represents the digital development trend of the world printing industry, was completed and put into operation in the new Huaguang Industrial Park of the factory on April 30, which will provide new support for the technological upgrading and upgrading of China's printing industry; This is also a generous gift presented by Lekai erjiao to commemorate the second anniversary of General Secretary Hu Jintao's inspection

on April 30 two years ago, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the state and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited the second film factory in person, hoping that the employees of the second film factory would work better in the future, make the enterprise bigger and stronger, and make Huaguang brand famous in the international market. In the past two years, inspired by the important instructions of General Secretary Hu, erjiao employees have made joint development, mutual benefit and win-win, sense of mission between the school and enterprises with a high sense of history, actively respond to various challenges, strengthen management innovation and technological innovation, accelerate the pace of project construction and product structure adjustment, vigorously expand domestic and foreign markets, and made breakthroughs in production and operation, technology research and development and key project construction, Laid a good foundation for the sound and rapid development of the enterprise, and handed in a satisfactory answer to the general secretary with excellent results; To conscientiously implement the general secretary's independent innovation is to have the instruction spirit of core technology, constantly strengthen the independent innovation ability of enterprises, and realize the large-scale production of red laser thermal CTP version, purple laser photosensitive CTP version and UV-CTP version. Among them, the research and development of purple laser CTP version has been listed in major provincial science and technology projects, which has greatly promoted the transformation pace of new product industrialization, more environmental protection and more advanced technology The forward-looking chemical free violet laser CTP plate and chemical free thermal CTP plate have also entered the stage of industrialization

in order to speed up the pace of technological progress in the printing industry and give full play to the driving and exemplary role of leading printing plate enterprises in the progress of domestic printing technology, erjiao started the construction of CTP digital plate production line in Huaguang Industrial Park in 2007. During the construction, the factory designed, installed and debugged its own high-speed and high-tech production line with independent intellectual property rights, which has excellent comprehensive performance and advanced technology compared with metal manufacturing. In addition to the advanced digitization, networking technology and centralized control technology, this production line also adopts the factory's proprietary electrochemical treatment process, multi-point precision coating process and patented technology of extrusion device. At the same time, it also adopts advanced energy-saving, emission reduction and environmental protection technology. The chemical pilot production was carried out in mid December 2008. So far, the thermal CTP version, ultraviolet laser CTP version and UV CTP version have been produced, Its product quality meets the needs of users. The smooth operation of Huaguang digital printing plate production line is an important symbol of the industrialization and scale of China's digital printing technology, and a new starting point for the second film factory to carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future

Teng Fangqian, the director of the factory, said that erjiao will give full play to the technological and innovative advantages of the enterprise and further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise by using the industrialized production technologies such as CTP plate, flexible resin plate and printed circuit board film; We will actively participate in global competition and make Huaguang brand famous in the international market! Build Huaguang into an internationally renowned production and R & D base of printing information materials, and build it into a modern large-scale enterprise with world-class core technology and international competitiveness

it is reported that this investment of more than 290 million yuan is the digital printing plate production line after its completion, with an annual output of 16 million square meters of digital printing plate materials, an annual sales revenue of more than 760 million yuan and an annual profit and tax of more than 220 million yuan. It has become another new economic growth point of the second film factory


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