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Talk about the unadvisability of "plastic" color change experts' advice on the correct selection of plastic products

affected by the "bisphenol a" incident some time ago, baby PC plastic milk bottles have been taken off the shelves and glass milk bottles have been sold. On April 17, I visited the major shopping malls in Liaocheng City and learned that this trend also affected the whole plastic products market. At present, people have a "crisis of trust" in plastic products, which has led to a decline in the sales of plastic cups in supermarkets and shopping malls. Then, we interviewed relevant experts and learned that plastic products will not have adverse effects on human body under the premise of correct use

crisis of confidence

looking back, on March 1, the European Union banned the production of plastic milk bottles containing bisphenol A, and stipulated that the market sales would be banned from June. As soon as this news came out, it immediately spread to China's plastic milk bottle market. In this regard, this newspaper also made a report entitled "attention to plastic milk bottles containing bisphenol a" and "successive removal of bisphenol a milk bottles from the shelves in our city" in version B2 on March 2 and 7, respectively, which attracted strong public attention. However, after a month, when we paid attention to bisphenol A again, we found that all plastic products were "put in the cold"

plastics are closely related to people's lives. For a long time, PC water cups have been favored by consumers because of their relatively low price and thick texture. However, after the "bisphenol a" incident, many citizens called to inquire about plastic products. Ms. Huang, a citizen, talked to her about her troubles: "glass products are fragile, but I don't trust plastic products. I'm afraid they are harmful to human body." In the interview, it was found that although the vast majority of citizens did not know "bisphenol a" well, they would ask carefully when choosing plastic products. A salesperson of Hualian Supermarket also admitted that although there is no statement from relevant departments, plastic products are still facing an unprecedented "trust crisis" in the market recently

expert advice

according to professionals, plastic products will not affect the human body as long as they are used properly. Knowing more about the use of plastic products is conducive to people's health. It is reported that the plastic water cups sold in the market usually have a triangle mark at the bottom. From the numbers in the triangle, we can roughly make the power battery recycling develop continuously and identify the composition of the cup raw materials. Closely related to people's daily life is the "No. 7" PC material, which is widely used to make water bottles, cups and milk bottles. As long as bisphenol A is 100% converted into plastic structure in the process of making PC, it means that the product is completely free of bisphenol A, let alone released. However, if a small amount of bisphenol A is not converted into the plastic structure of PC, it may be released into food or drink with the relaxation of the new energy vehicle policy. Therefore, be careful. When using this plastic container, you should pay special attention to the following matters. It is hoped that inventions such as shred buddy will appear more and more on KickStarter and the market: do not heat when using; Do not use dishwasher or dryer to clean the kettle; Keep the kettle away from direct sunlight; Before the first use, wash it with baking soda powder and warm water, and dry it naturally at room temperature

the plastic product code 5 has a temperature resistance of 130 degrees and can hold hot water and be heated by microwave. This kind of plastic is often used to make special plastic boxes for microwave ovens. Due to the high cost, the special PP is not used for the cover. Therefore, when the plastic box is put into the microwave oven, the cover needs to be removed. Also closely related to people's life is "No. 4" LDPE, which is usually used to make fresh-keeping film and plastic film. Due to its poor heat resistance, hot melting will occur when it exceeds 110 ℃. Therefore, it should be removed before entering the microwave oven. In addition, for some common plastic products, professionals suggest the following: the darker the color of the straw, the more unsafe; Plastic straw is not suitable for drinking hot drinks; Try not to use disposable chopsticks; Do not use dark colored plastic bowls; Imitation porcelain tableware should not contain acids

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