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This case is the decoration effect drawing of poly Raffi's two rooms and one living room. The owner is a single young man after the 1980s. The decoration requirements are simple and refreshing, and it's good to live in a stable place. Now let's take a look at this simple and comfortable house with Xiaobian

decoration owner files:

decoration owner community: Poly Lafite (more poly Lafite decoration effect pictures) decoration area: 89 square meters decoration house type: two bedroom and two hall decoration company: participate in decoration bidding recommendation company (decoration bidding) decoration style: modern simple decoration cost: 70000

the designer widens the TV wall, and presents an open and enlarged combination with the cabinet in the kitchen area. The jumping platform represented by blue is the jumping platform for the owner to play with cats

the cabinet extending inward from the porch contains most of the storage capacity

the shelf design above the refrigerator is also the owner's cat playing space

the demolished space is changed into a circular living line with the TV wall as the core, and the public and private fields can be divided by folding the doors on both sides of the TV wall

this space is the design of corridor and independent space. The designer flexibly plans the maximum use possibility of small house types

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