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Nowadays, people who decorate the bathroom hope to have an independent shower room in addition to the daily bath space. It would be better if we could put down another bathtub. But today, with high housing prices, the housing area is very small, let alone the bathroom. The Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network reminds the decoration owners that due to the limited space, they should put practicality first, save and make full use of the limited space. Xiaobian will bring you different decoration methods for different areas of bathroom this time. Come and learn quickly

the narrow space of 2 square meters in the bathroom decoration

1. Light colors are skillfully used in color. Mainly white tiles with simple texture, combined with black-and-white Zebra Stripe tiles, make the space expand visually. 2. Focus on functionality in the selection of bathroom products. The one-piece lavatory is small and light, and the wall mounted shower faucet, corner table top and single hole washbasin faucet greatly save space, and it is full of modernity. 3. Use mirrors wisely. A properly sized mirror can often double the space while meeting the washing function

the ordinary space of 3 square meters in the bathroom decoration

the method of starting from a small place in the bathroom decoration can be looser, more romantic, and a little classical and elegant design style is also good. Configuration products can be: one-piece toilet, standard bathroom cabinet, 10 cm washbasin faucet, 15 cm wall bathtub faucet, 140 cm skirt free bathtub. In addition, a scenic window is added in the bathroom, so that the owner can enjoy the scenery outside the window while bathing

the transparent space of 4 square meters in the bathroom decoration

can be configured with a single desktop faucet, a 110 cm arc glass shelf, a 170 cm steel bathtub, a 15 cm wall mounted bathtub faucet, etc., and transparent materials are used to eliminate the limitations of small space, so that the glass wash table and the brown and transparent skirt of the bathtub become crystal clear and exquisite objects against the space

metal brackets and showers have become the texture fulcrum of the whole modern space, and the brown glass tiles and white ceramic tiles on the main wall have become a readable picture to stimulate the owner to imagine the fun of life... Relaxing in such a bathroom space, life must be full of the constant feeling of "another village with hidden willows and bright flowers"

bathroom decoration standard bathroom with an area of 6 square meters

the decoration of standard bathroom can be calm and friendly, but also elegant and pleasant. If it is the former, the color effect is required to have clear and simple warm tones, such as milky white, ivory yellow or rose red walls, supplemented by floors with similar colors and simple patterns. If it is the latter, it is required to match bright green and blue together, just like a lively duet, to stimulate a happy mood




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