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For most people, buying a house is a major event in life. Decorating the house is even more important. It is not easy to dump all your savings and find a place to settle down. How to use the Limited decoration funds to invest in decoration? Purchasing decoration materials is a major task of home decoration. Some consumers think that buying in advance will save some time, but this is not the case. Many building materials and furniture must be matched in the process of decorating the house, or the specific model can be determined only after the house is constructed to a certain extent, so it is necessary to communicate with the designer in advance, Otherwise, it will not match the whole home decoration style in the later stage, or need to change the model or re purchase because it is inappropriate, which will affect the progress and effect of house decoration. So, today I will teach you some secrets of decoration

when decorating a house, these five points really can't be saved

1. Professional teams can't be saved

for decorating Xiaobai, the first decoration will be very confused, and even in the face of various problems, you can't help but work hard. It's a wise choice to ask for help from people with decoration experience to avoid detours

don't leave your home to guerrillas to save money. The possibility of rework will greatly increase

2. High quality environmental protection materials cannot be saved

materials used in home decoration should be strictly screened to ensure good quality. For example, the quality and environmental protection level should be taken as the standard for coatings, wall tiles, artificial boards, cement, etc., and famous brand products should be selected as far as possible

the choice of decoration materials will have an impact on the quality and environmental protection of the house. The formaldehyde content in low-quality board is high, and it will even hide for more than ten years, which virtually endangers the health of family members

3. Hydropower projects cannot be saved.

hydropower is used as a concealed project for decoration. During decoration, brand products with qualified quality are selected to avoid water leakage and leakage after occupancy

4. Bathroom products cannot be saved

the design of bathroom is unreasonable, and most items are easy to be watered “ Erosion ”, Affect the service life. Installing high-quality toilets will eliminate worries at home

5. Waterproof materials cannot be saved

poor waterproof materials cannot play a waterproof role, but contain a lot of harmful substances, so money cannot be saved

waterproof materials should not only pay attention to quality, but also pay attention to environmental protection, so as not to affect health. It is recommended to choose a large brand with good reputation. Although it is expensive, the quality is guaranteed

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge about decorating the house, which can't save everyone's money. Decorating the house is really a technical job, which requires you to devote yourself. The above-mentioned door panels, wires, water pipes, waterproof materials, bricks and other decoration materials should be paid attention to when we choose and buy in the building materials market, not to pick them casually, I think the quality with high price must be good. In fact, sometimes it is not like this. Good quality and low price are the standard when purchasing materials





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