How about the decoration loan of ICBC

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ICBC decoration loan is a personal loan issued by ICBC to the borrower for the decoration and decoration of housing, the purchase of housing decoration materials and durable consumer goods. Then, how about the decoration loan of ICBC? gives you a detailed introduction:

How about the decoration loan of ICBC

1 Loan limit: 1million

2. Loan term: 5 years

3. Guarantee methods: mortgage, pledge, guarantee guarantee, credit, compound guarantee or partial guarantee, etc

ICBC decoration loan application conditions

1 Natural person with full civil capacity, and aged between 18 (inclusive) -65 (inclusive)

2. It has legal and valid identity certificate, marriage status certificate, fixed residence in the place where the lender is located, and registered residence certificate (or valid residence certificate) in the place where the lender is located

3. The customer and the loan score assessed in our retail internal rating system comply with relevant regulations

4. Have a good credit record and willingness to repay, and have no bad loan record in our bank and other financial institutions

5. Have a stable source of income and the ability to repay the loan principal and interest in full on time

6. Be able to provide legal, effective, reliable and sufficient guarantee recognized by the bank, or have the conditions of personal credit loan

7. There are clear, legal and compliant loan purposes

8. Open a personal settlement account in our bank

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