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Nordic chemical provides the medical industry with new solutions for heat sealing films with high transparency and high purity

as a leading innovative plastic supplier, Borealis will add new products to its Bormed medical and health polyolefin series to expand the range of its high-quality film products. The new product - Bormed td109cf is a polypropylene (PP) heat sealing material, which has the processing advantages of high transparency, high purity, excellent heat sealing performance and disinfection. End uses that benefit from the above performance advantages include self-supporting bags, forming filling sealing (FFS) films, thermal sealing layers for medical equipment packaging, and covering films for blister packaging. With this new product, Nordic chemical has a very wide range of product solutions for the medical film industry. Bormed td109cf is sold through the whole product line of Nordic chemicals to Bolu, a supplier in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region

due to its low solubility and precipitation, Bormed td109cf meets the needs of the medical industry for pure polymers. The improvement of production efficiency can reduce production costs. In the production of coextruded films, the range of heat sealing temperature of Bormed td109cf is very wide. The heat sealing temperature can be as low as about 35 ° C, so that processors can heat seal different films in packaging production without adjusting heat sealing parameters, thus improving production speed. Its low heat sealing starting temperature of 103 ° c~105 ° C shortens the production cycle, thus improving the production line speed and has the potential to increase production. The new product can be processed by casting film, down blowing water cooling and blowing film technology

Peter nieders ü, product development engineer of Nordic chemical film business department, commented that, "Before that, in order to obtain heat sealing films with excellent heat sealing performance, high transparency, high purity and disinfection (these are the key properties of film heat sealing films in the medical industry), processors had to focus on expensive raw materials. The Bormed td109cf can directly provide these properties without reducing the performance of the final product."

in addition to the above unique properties, the Bormed td109cf also has the key advantages of the Bormed series developed by Nordic chemical to meet the quality stability and appropriateness requirements for medical and health uses in the pharmaceutical industry:

a wide range of medical and health properties: including transparency, chemical resistance 121 ° C sterilizability and environmental stress cracking resistance

pollution free quality: strictly controlled process conditions ensure its pollution-free quality

guaranteed supply: ensure long-term and continuous product supply in the world

bormed td109cf also meets the relevant regulatory requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industry, including Pharmacopoeia and FDA certification

Nordic chemical has been providing advanced polyolefin solutions for industries using film, coating and thermoplastic products for more than 40 years, with a prosperous market. With the foresight throughout the value chain and attention to the needs of customers, Beibu chemical will continue to provide innovative and value-added PP and polyethylene solutions for the film industry according to the plan

information source: China Light Industry Information

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