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Nordic chemical and Mondi cooperated to enhance the circularity of food packaging

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core tip: the cooperation between Nordic chemical and Mondi further shows that better material properties can be obtained by combining the heterophase copolymer bc918cf with the random copolymer rb707cf

[China Packaging News] Nordic chemical has generated a breakthrough application based on its proprietary Borstar nucleation Technology (BNT), which enhances the recycling of plastic food packaging

using the Nordic chemical bc918cf (a special BNT modified copolymer), Mondi is producing new single material packaging solutions for meat and dairy products. It is said that these solutions provide the same performance characteristics as the traditional multi-material packaging here for your reference, and also improve the output of the mechanical recycling plant

the cooperation between Nordic chemical and Mundi further shows that better material properties can be obtained by combining the heterophase copolymer bc918cf with the random copolymer rb707cf

Nordic chemical claims that the polypropylene solution based on its bc918cf and rb707cf is a feasible substitute for single materials because they can save material costs by reducing pressure and carry out efficient treatment on film conversion and packaging lines

Nordic chemical bc918cf is suitable for press down thermoforming packaging because it has good mechanical strength, moisture resistance and good optical properties. In the modified air packaging, it provides the necessary barrier to make the meat shelf life reach 12 days

Mundi added that the BNT of Nordic chemical provides many benefits at the conversion level, including increasing the stiffness and different materials need different clamps, which will not have a negative impact on the drop impact and top load, as well as good thermoforming performance and standard distribution, which benefit from the crystal structure of PP

Thomas, the project manager of ecological solutions of mondy sales packaging, and their first design concept re created the shape of prosthetic limbs and foot pads, Kahl added: "BNT can also achieve high packaging speed and sealing. For food packaging, plastics can not only prolong the shelf life of food, but also improve the recyclability of packaging, thus playing an important role in protecting food production resources. The latter factor is crucial, because Mondi has always adhered to the principle of creating environmental economy with ultra light earth as the medium."

Geert van ballaer, marketing director of Nordic chemical consumer goods, explained: "close cooperation with long-term partners such as Mondi is the key to realizing the recycling of plastic packaging. This cooperation proves how innovation and cooperation can produce packaging solutions that are friendly to daily life and the environment."

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