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Norco digital library new products are tailor-made for the majority of industry customers

recently, norco launched the latest product ds-1230 of its Digital Library Series in 2006. This product is an enhanced product launched by norco on the basis of its advantageous product ds-1200/1210/1220, which has been widely praised. Norco summarizes the advantages of the original product and the feedback from the majority of industry customers

this plug and play disk array product continues the characteristics of large capacity, easy to use and easy to maintain. The front hard disk plug-in box can be connected with the motherboard through USB or 1394 interface. The data carrier adopts ide3.5 hard disk, up to 12 pieces, with a total capacity of more than 3TB; It supports hot plug at the front end of the hard disk. It is very easy to save, dump and restore the operating system; Good corporate name cooling design. The system is more stable to ensure the safety of data and prolong the service life of hard disk; With real-time fan, some materials can realize one-time processing, and the elongation can be above 1000%. The function of temperature detection and alarm can reflect whether the fan speed and the temperature of each hard disk are normal in real time; And 19 inches wide, 3U high, suitable for shelves and desktop multi location use. Of course, this product has inherited all the above advantages. With a small external force, the scientific researchers of North China industrial control have made a lot of efforts in humanized use. For USB and 1394 interfaces, this new product can be compatible at the same time, or it can be freely selected by customers according to their own needs; In addition, thanks to its strong R & D strength, North China industrial control has optimized the core technology inside the product, which has greatly improved the transmission speed of ds-1230, and has taken a solid step towards realizing the "three wins" between North China industrial control and customers

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